Star Wars Episode VII Skin Series: #01 Resistance X-Wing Pilots (Variants) Minecraft Skin
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Star Wars Episode VII Skin Series: #01 Resistance X-Wing Pilots (Variants)

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JKTransformers avatar JKTransformers
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There has been an awakening. . .

Have you felt it?

Hey guys! JKTransformers here with a bit of another random skin, here for you guys i have a Resistance Force X-Wing pilot skin as seen in the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens! The helmet may differ from what we've seen on pilots so far, and thats because, like my rebel pilot skin, this pilot is customized to represent myself, and i encourage you to modify it to add in your own face/helmet. The helmet was designed to be an evolution of the previous X-Wing pilot skin's helmet, and the shading techniques i tryed out worked pretty well in my opinion. Anyways, I hope you like the skin, and if you do make sure to drop a diamond, leave a comment or, if you like my other stuff, subscribe!

May the force be with you,

(NOTE: After acquiring more reference for a Resistance X-wing Pilot, I have updated the skin with a few minor changes, mainly on the helmet)

VARIANTS (If you download a variant, make sure to either leave a diamond or download the original, that way I know that you guys use and like the variants! Thanks!)

1. Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron (X-wing Flight suit)

2. Snap Wexley
Snap Wexley

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