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Its been awhile, hasn't it? Well I am here to inform you that I am still here!

What are my reasons? Well, I've just moved in to my new house! I'm happy to finally have a home and now I can focus on me and some other things for once!

Speaking of focusing on myself, I finally managed to find some time to post the other half of that stylized version of Spring Bonnie and make none other than:


ï»żFinally! I can post this! I promised it and it is finally here!
Now let's tackle the design and backstory of this design! 😉👍

So as everyone knows, there is the burning ending of fnaf 3, where Fazbear's fright burns to the ground. I thought it'd be cool to give him a whole new getup to match that Firey aspect! So I lit his sleeves on fire(not really though)! This kinda makes me think of burntrap a little, but I assure you, this is definitely Springtrap! He just has a new flamin hot sense of fashion up his sleeves(unfunny pun)!đŸ”„

And forget pants, because at least ¾ of his have been burned off and show the bloody spring locked metal from underneath them! I like to think this gives him more mobility with less weight on them! ☝đŸ˜Č

And what could be more complete then adding a hat to top it all off! This way he either comes off as a burnt cowboy or a flaming mobster! đŸŽ©

The reasoning behind why it looks like I copy and pasted the spring Bonnie design onto this skin and made edits to it, is well....self explanatory? Its the same animatronic costume/suit! It's bound to keep some of it's original features in there. đŸ€šđŸ€šđŸ€š

Now with that out of the way, let's explain why or how he'd change his looks up with backstory!

⚠A bit of a warning that this is a fanmade storyline of mine and not canon! ⚠

But read if you want to anyways! 🙃

So in this story, Fredbear's family diner was supposed to be re designed with newer times. This meant that design changes were to be made to the animatronics to come off as "hip" and "Kool with the kids"! So they replaced Spring Bonnie's old outfit with a new one, that being the one we see him wearing now! But after 30 years of being cast out into the shadows, now being fused together with a psychopath, has worn away the outfit and its original charm. The flames on his sleeves not only make it stand out in coolness, it serves as foreshadowing to the inevitable fate of Fazbear's fright.
The burning of the building only adds on to the damage of the outfit and animatronic costume all together!

So yea, that's my take on styling Springtrap! Please enjoy at your own risk 😁!

CreditScott of course! These characters don't belong to me! My designs do though!

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11/23/2022 12:24 pmhistory
Level 47 : Master Artist
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ï»żOh by the way! Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving!
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