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llPettyCandlesll's Avatar llPettyCandlesll
Level 59 : Grandmaster Artist

🎵🎶The sound of music from a box plagues you in fear🎶🎵

🎵🎶Because if you forget to wind it🎶🎵

🎵🎶Your danger will only grow near....

Last but not least, to finish off the toys we come to the one behind the mask, the one who pulls the strings....

(Bit of a warning for people who get triggered by literally everything, I refer to the puppet as a she, if you have a problem with that, don't bother and just scroll away, same goes for the mangle whom I also refer to as a she)
(I called mangle a they in her post to avoid the problem but I just wanted to make this disclaimer to state the gender preferences are just my opinion, and nothing more)


People always seem to find the marionette unnerving, but not me! I actually like the puppet! She's one of my top favorites out of them all!

Because she was one of my favorites, I decided to base her moral lesson around the moral of love, making most parts of her body heart shaped! To further express the meaning of what she wants to spread♥️❤

The gift of giving to children puts such a smile on her face, to give to children is something so precious, she can't help but love what she does!

Not much design wise really changes for the marionette because someone has to give out the gifts right?

The only major details that how changed in her design are her arms, her buttons, her feet, and the lion mane of a jesters hat on her head!

now let's talk about her arms, in the skin post it just looks like her arms are ribbons, well let me tell you that's not the case! In fact those "ribbons" are extentions that give her an expanded arm reach!
with the addition of her backarms and a full extension of her forearms stretched out, she has a wingspan similar to a pterodactyl! Such lengths are required to reach prizes on high up shelves that would usually require a ladder!

Could you imagine if she made her way to your office and started to reach out for you hands first? She'd still have her body in the darkness due to her incredible reach!

Going on to the hat, I have said multiple things about it already, but I didn't mention the bells attached to the back, it reminded me of the daycare attendant from security breach and how he had bells attached to his wrists, I felt urged and inspired to add the bells on as an extra! Plus it also reminds me of the security puppet!(another favorite of mine)

I'm not sure about what else to mention other than the fact she wears a turtle neck sweater with button hearts, and she has tiny purple slippers.

hmmm...what else am I missing?


*The marionette snaps my spine for not winding the music box*

2 Update Logs

2.0 fix! : by llPettyCandlesll 06/26/2023 10:16:41 pmJun 26th, 2023

The Marionette has made a new advance in her appearance! She's decided to show off those glowing retinas! Its always a delight to be in your presence! Good on you for shining even brighter than you already do!

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02/16/2023 9:11 pm
Level 41 : Master Magical Boy
GhostlyBit_57's Avatar
Omg I actually love the whole alien-ish clown asthetic in this version of the marionette!
03/12/2023 9:53 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Artist
llPettyCandlesll's Avatar
The mane of bell hats is what drives me closer to it in terms of love for her design!
You should check out her drawing form!
09/24/2022 6:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
JrsGuy2's Avatar
Puppet Is Well Scarily Beautiful 🤩👏👏♥️
09/24/2022 6:13 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Artist
llPettyCandlesll's Avatar
Think these skins are exciting?
well worry not, I am almost done with all the drawings! I have yet to post them! Keep and eye out for them!
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