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lukeyio avatar lukeyio
Level 53 : Grandmaster Elf

What makes my skins Different?
I now use GIMP which means you have to do every pixel yourself (No help)! I make them original so if thereo s a skin you want ask me, and I will make you one just for you! (Others may download if they like but you get the glory knowing its YOURS ;D) I promise every skin request will be done to diamond standard! And not copied/stolen from someone else! I may use others for examples/ideas but everything will be done uniquely by me! I enjoy making them so please post a request either by message or commenting on this page! I hope you like my skins and now stop reading this and enjoy your day ;)
Happy Minecrafting, love lukyzade <3
P.s. Dono t repost my skins either... There my creation :D

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11/03/2011 10:35 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Network
Knarfer avatar
Pretty Good base for my skin.
A few color editations such as the hair Torso and everything else kept in the same format is perfect
All he needs to do is add the 6 pack (lol) and put a K instead of an S Then add the knives on the belt, change the eyes edit the tights a bit to be a little more detailed and in a different color Xhange the pants boots and done!
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