Swallowed [SSPBL S6W2] Minecraft Skin
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Swallowed [SSPBL S6W2]

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SharkyBoy's Avatar SharkyBoy
Level 55 : Grandmaster Goblin
This skin is supposed to depict a seaman that has been partially swallowed and overtaken by a Cthulhu. His head has already obviously been consumed, but more tentacles emerge from the water he stands in to claim the rest.

Story :D

"Brace!" the captain shouts, urging her crew to take cover from the raging storm battering their ship. She desperately watches as her faithful companions are berated by the winds, sending some right over the rails and into the depths of the sea. Crack! With a splintering fracture, the mast snaps in two and plunges downward, slamming through the floorboards and out the bottom of the hull.

The captain is in shock, knowing that this could be the end of their stalwart journey. However, confident to do what she can to save her ship, she stands, letting the tormenting rain crash into her cheeks. She begins to make her way down the stairs to try and repair the damage done to the hull, but is stopped short by a sudden lurch that nearly turns the ship on its side. A profound rumbling emanates from all around, echoing into the thundering sky.

"We're doomed!" one of the older crewmates exclaims, staring with horror into the darkness above. The captain snaps her gaze in the direction he's looking, not sure what to expect. A deadly tornado, a devastating wave? No; she sees nothing. Confused, she squints and attempts to shield her eyes from the downpour, but still sees nothing; until, that is, a streak of lightning reveals something unimaginable. She can only glimpse it for a brief moment, but it is enough to break the will of even the strongest sailor. It's the myth every seaman dreads and refuses to believe. A terrible monster only the devil himself could create; and it has come for their ship. The kraken.

The captain can't get its image out of her head. Clear white eyes staring down at her through a crimson outer shell, glistening in the rainfall; huge, sprawling tentacles clasping around the ship, preparing to drag her into the depths; and it's bigger than she imagined, dwarfing the size of their vessel. However, as daunting as this creature may seem, she will not go down without a fight. "Man the cannons! Aim them at the beast to port! Don't wait for my command; just fire!"

Mustering up the last of their courage, her remaining crew descends alongside her into the bowels of the ship. Water laps up around their knees, pouring through the many cracks and holes in the walls. They trudge through the waters, hardly able to see in the dismal candlelight that hadn't already been drowned by the leaks. "Here, the cannons!" the captain calls out, swiftly attempting to load the weapon. She picks up a cannonball and plunges it into the cannon's mouth, prepares wet gunpowder, and tries to create a spark to shoot it.

"Blast, the powder's too damp! Someone help me find some more!" She looks behind her to see if any of the others had better luck than she; but there is no one there.

"Hello?" The people that had come to aid her were gone. Did they abandon her?

A gargling sound comes from the darkness beyond the candlelight. The weak, flickering fire doesn't do much to help her see what the sound is. "Is anyone there? I need some help over here!" The sound of sloshing water grows louder as if someone approaches her. The strange gargling continues, growing noisier alongside the sloshing.

"Who goes there? Answer me!" Slowly, she sees a human figure emerge from the shadows. They move lifelessly, taking each step as though it is their last. As the light illuminates them further, she can make out red tentacles squirming around their chest and slithering up their legs. The captain gazes brokenhearted at her former companion, cursing this nightmarish night.

"I'm sorry..." she mumbles, "I'm so sorry..." An octopus had swallowed the head of the sailor, and now glares at her with hatred in its eyes. It steps closer, sloshing in the water, signifying her impending doom. Slosh... Slosh... Slosh...

This is for SSPBL, and this week I'm up against Gingerpie. Best of luck!


Swallowed [SSPBL S6W2] Minecraft Skin

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09/04/2022 12:37 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Meme
Allergy_Man's Avatar
Insanely high quality
09/04/2022 12:43 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Goblin
SharkyBoy's Avatar
Not as high quality as you ;)
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