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Sweater & Jeans

Sweater & Jeans Minecraft Skin
avatar Nexexus
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
A skin I have made with the help of tutorials and trends of other skins.
Age of skin: 7 months as of Sep, 2020
Age of character: 21 - 29 years
Name of character: William
Backstory: ???

I hope you really like it.
I used Minecraft Skin Editor

This skin was not human when first FOUND. Colorless fox in a black hoodie. It then evolved to be a male human in a grey hoodie (still colorless) with blue and green eyes. That skin is currently lost and there is only one image of that skin. Then I stole another skin (female) with normal colored skin but with white hair, a mask, and a nice hoodie. I then recolored the eyes to blue and green, removed the long hair, and added a brand tag too small to read. I also made the hair slightly darker. The skin then evolved to have multiple clothing sets. Examples: scarf, black long sleeves, and tan pants. Swim trunks. And this current skin, blue sweater, jeans, and white shoes. (The other skins have been lost) I have other versions of this skin too. Like a colorless version with the same clothes and a colorless version with a tuxedo I made for my pet bird's (in Minecraft) funeral.
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