Tails The Tailless Flying Squirrel | 16th Place Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Above the Clouds Skin Contest.

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Tails The Tailless Flying Squirrel | 16th Place

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Level 56 : Grandmaster Answer
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tl;dr: very bottom of the story, HA SCROLL DOWN!

Twas sightful nights. The evergreens sparked the woods with warmth and joy, creating an aura none could resist. The small creatures laid restfully in the snowy brushes, snuggling tightly together. The stars dwelled upon us, laying its holy sense of life against the blanket around our world. Quiet noises echoed throughout the fields, and all was in peace. The skies were what all squirrels like my dreamed of. We decided to make our dream come true.

That is what my ancestors life was like.

Lingering by the immense shadows of the trees that enslaved this world, I tilted my head against the massive trees that built onto the rich dark dirt. My eyes strained against the bright sun that gleamed down at me. Its energy poured against the reflecting of the swampy lake. I placed my fingers on a cobweb, quickly backing away. Sounds of birds resonated through the jungle, as vines slowly wavered.

Without hesitation, my eyes quickly fluttered at a shadow that crept over all of the others. Rattling sounds came through the leaves and grass. With a swift motion I turned my head around.

“Tai-“ a woman began to say before my knuckles made contact with her stomach. My eyes widen as I caught her crumbling to the ground. The woman laid against my shoulders, blinking rapidly.

“You’re so mean...” she slowly muttered closing her eyes.

“Nika… Crap, what are you doing?” I asked her with irritation. I kneed down, placing her against the tree’s surface. Saliva slowly moved down her pink mouth as I wiped it off hastily. Nika’s fur was tattered, and was no longer an ivory, but a dull silver. Nika? Why did I say Nika?

The surrounding jungle had overwhelmed me. I laid my head against the tree, sitting by Nika. She was curled in like a ball. A rush of nostalgia ran through my veins. It almost felt like a make a belief story as the world around me was lively. The jungle vines swung back and forth with the animals crying out within. The sky was dimming by the second, making a celestial border between the sun and moon. An eclipse was attempting to breach. If it was to occur, this jungle, this region, this world perhaps might come to a fall. Though, hasn’t it already?

I felt unease, watching the perimeter of the small patch of open space. I barely made out of the beast’s area with my body still intact. My right hand was completely torn and only a pair of gloves I found were holding the blood in tight. On the hunt; those were the last words the creature roared into the night sky before I sprinted outwards.

“Tails, hows your arm?” a voice murmured from below. I looked down at Nika and wiped off dirt from her rosy cheeks. Her eyelashes flickered against the warm air.

“Its fine. How about you, Flo-Nika?” I asked back. My voice trailed off. I was confused. She nodded and suddenly placed her finger against my arm softly.

“Anderson, don’t leave me, ever.” she breathed. My mouth opened to say something, but I lost the words on its way. I placed my hand on her rugged fur, grooming it with my finger nails. Her fur didn’t feel like a rabbit’s, like she was, but more like a -The nostalgia that I had felt suddenly surged even stronger. This hair felt like my best friend Rango’s fur. She was a lovely cat, and didn’t deserve what I did.. What I had done to change her was the most terrible of taboos upon humans. Playing god.

“Do you remember when we were once got lost in here, Nika?” I whispered.

“But of course Tails.” she said, almost having trouble with speaking.

“We were only seven, yet us bathing together in the misty lake felt like only a few days ago.” I continued. Her cheeks grew brighter as she placed her long nails against my furry chest

“Indeed, Tails.” she exclaimed.

“And how you use to always listened, and loved to hear the bird chirps?” I gritted.

“Yes, I absolutely love birds Tails,” she smiled, “but what is the point?”

“Yeah, that’s the point.” I continued. “I’ve never met you before, Nika.”

Her eyes fluttered quickly. Her nails pressed harder against my chest. Sweat ran down her forehead like a waterfall. I reached for the knife in my backpack hastily ran it through her neck. An oil-like blood poured onto the mossy grass.

With a glorifying roar, the woman’s eyes pierced open, pouncing onto me. I reacted too slowly and with a quick slash, her fingernails cut through my chest. I winced, trying to understand how he could morph into her.  Rango’s body stood there on four legs, growling loudly at me. My childhood friend, ready to murder me.

I got to my feet, and turned my body instantly. I used all of my might to throw her off and dash into the forest. I gained some distance, but the beast would eventually catch up. She always did.

“You’re quite the sprinter, Tails, not that I already did not know. Always clever. Always a nuisance!” the creature deeply purred. Suddenly, its white fur dripped off, almost as if it was melting. Her pupils molded into a sharp-oval shape and glow a bright yellow shine. Its foot steps echoed through the dense jungle, before I heard them clearer than ever.

“Rango, the Lunar Huntress.” I snarled at the furry monster. Its mouth keenly widened, amused of this chase. Its blood lust gave the air a thick source of tension. Its immensely powerful steps gave it an aura that could not be matched. Its nails, almost like a dragon’s talon struck the dirt with such force that seem to push the ground down every time they met.

I could barely breath, so I didn’t waste anymore time to talk. I had to kill her, or be killed. With a jolt of speed, I gracefully spinned to face the huntress. Its eyes weren’t yellow anymore. They were a blood filled red. Looking through them made me cringe.

“Tails, this jungle is mine. I may take back my clever comment now that you have returned.” she taunted.

“I didn’t make the best d-decision… I know that... but I will… I swear I will save you! ” I struggled. Her devious smile washed away. A frown that was all too familiar came upon her face.

“That’s absurd! Who the hell do you think you are?” Rango asked with an annoyed tone. The air grew silent. A small wind came across our faces. The lakes hummed a soft tune that brought the birds and insects together in harmony. The vines lightly brushed against the breeze. I stared into an empty space, before bringing my eyes to hers.  As our eyes met, I said my last words to her.

“Anything is possible. But nothing is impossible.”

Without Rango noticing, I had circled back to my backpack. My feet were aching, and my stubs ached. The gloves had already tightly attached to them, almost like my own hands. I sprinted to the bag, gnawing on the string.

I came to a halt. Rango appeared in front of me, and the eclipse wasn’t stopping. If the eclipse were to occur, all in this world would come to an end. Legends state that once the sun is completely blocked from this world, the gods will become frighten and destroy all that exists. We have came close before. Humans created devices to take flight, further than birds could ever be. The ignorant humans do not believe in the legend, and came close to extinction once. Luckily, one of our squirrel-kind had stole a device that allowed him to take flight. My father. And now, he has passed this onto me.

Rango roared mightily, forcing me to be completely overwhelmed. I tried to reach for the device, but her aura had dropped me to the ground. As she prepared to tear into my flesh, all light in the world disappeared. Rango, herself, was even disturbed by the event. My fear suddenly was given to her, as she quickly went away. I could barely sense a thing. Before I had given up all hope, my finger tips laid against a round-like object. A smooth glass was placed in the front of it. Closing my eyes, I knew exactly what this was. I placed the helmet over my head, and swiftly opened my eyelids. The world was clear.

I placed the device onto my back and strapped it to my front. Throwing one finger into the sky, I prayed for my father and the world. I wouldn’t fail.

I pressed a green button and a great force was molding in my back. Before I could react, I was sent flying into the heavens. It was almost natural, I could control it like second nature. I spun and turned through the clouds and aimed towards space. Birds had fallen, and those who still tried to fly eventually ran into each other. Massive objects that flew through the air began to plummet to the grounds. Chaos was occurring

Suddenly an object crashed into my helmet. Rocks coming from the dark abyss above were rushing into the earth. My vision began to blur, before I noticed in the top right corner my health bar decrease by a quarter. I couldn’t afford to get hit anymore. I flipped and avoided all the rocks I could, before I heard a loud beeping noise.

My helmet and flying device were in sync, so I could also see my fuel gauge. It was dangerously low. With a final attempt, I soared through the atmosphere. Rocks were blazing across, destroying the planet one by one. Then I took my tail and smacked the moon and it blew up (it was like kabooooooooooom), but then my tail died so gg wp the end.

feedback? also how did the visors turn out? diamond if you liked c:

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05/02/2015 4:09 am
Level 21 : Expert uwu
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what the actual heck. that story though O.O
07/17/2014 12:17 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Network
why am i still here
why am i still here avatar
Woah 16th congrats
07/17/2014 12:28 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Answer
hotguysixpack avatar
07/08/2014 1:26 am
Level 22 : Expert Grump
Arty avatar
how have i only found this now, this is an amazing skin
07/08/2014 8:25 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Answer
hotguysixpack avatar
idk c:
07/06/2014 9:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Pie_Slayer avatar
I like the skin but I thought tails was a fox
07/06/2014 11:01 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Answer
hotguysixpack avatar
07/07/2014 11:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Pie_Slayer avatar
Oh I c I never read the tags srry
06/21/2014 9:28 pm
Level 44 : Master Pyro
ItsPyro avatar
I see this skin on top 3
06/21/2014 9:37 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Answer
hotguysixpack avatar
That's a bold statement to me ;~;
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