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avatar Zodus
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Tangerine was named for how unusually orange she was. Also she does magic.
That’s all the lore I have. Really.

I never really know what I’m doing with these skins.

I just think of how most people make skins

-two small eyes on the front, probs no mouth-

And then I don’t do that

-two HUGE eyes on the sides, big mouth-

Then I make it

And then I have to figure out what this thing actually is

What’s its name? Where does it live? What does it do? Can I add more to that?

And I genuinely don’t know

ALL OF THIS, Ethos, this skin, my other skins,

All exist because of what if questions that I ask myself when I should be doing something productive

What if I turned this fan skin into an entire universe of weird?

What if I make a skin with a hood and one glowing eye peeking out of it?

What if I just make really weird FHECKED up skins by barfing pixels onto my phone and then try to pass that off as talent?

But then again, a lot of things we have come from what if questions

What if the Earth wasn’t the center of the solar system?

What if we blanketed large areas of ground with rotting veggies and sprinkled it with urine to make saltpetre
(I mean it worked but who thought of this?)

What if we didn’t just pour liquid waste out of our windows and into the street/river
(which is what Medieval Britons probably did for a good amount of time)


What if we took bread and cooked it again?

And so on

How about I make these questions the kind of stuff Tangerine thinks about on a daily basis?

You can’t stop me

It’s too late

By the time you’ve seen this I’ve moved on


Moral of the story: If you don’t have something reasonable to put down, just write a bunch of gobbledygook and pray that people understand it.

The End

CreditMy slow decent into madness

12/25/2019 4:07 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Skinner
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