The Creator (With Mojang Cape) - Notch inspired skin Minecraft Skin
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The Creator (With Mojang Cape) - Notch inspired skin

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ToxicMenis avatar ToxicMenis
Level 44 : Master Herobrine
This is the caped version!

Based on one of the first skins ever created and the creator of Minecraft! I know the fans of Notch are kind of split into two after the stuff hes said the past few years, so this skin is a bit of old and a bit of new to make the classic Notch skin reborn and tell the story you want to tell! No more do we have to look at the old skin and see Notch when you can now see yourself with a future of possibilities! If you do edit this skin please make sure to contact me and at least give me some credit, thanks!:)

P.S. This is not meant to be the Notch skin, its meant to be a replacement in a sense so we can use the skin for our own stories rather than seeing the old one as Notch's personal skin!

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