The Hunter (The Division Expansion II:  Survival) Minecraft Skin
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The Hunter (The Division Expansion II: Survival)

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Level 32 : Artisan Button Pusher
"Cascading trauma detected. Life signs not found."
— ISAC after a Hunter execution
The Hunters are a new type of enemy introduced in The Division's new Survival game mode. They are exclusive to the game mode, and cannot be found in The Underground or in the normal game. The share a resemblance to the LMB's own Rogue Agents, as they can use skills such as turrets and seeker mines. They can also hack your own turrets and seeker mines, if you happen to have them equipped. The Hunters arrive when you call in an extraction in Survival, and can instantly down you with a melee attack if you get too close. They are the only NPCs that can roll to dodge grenades and use the First Aid skill (The LMB uses the support station). If there are multiple players at an extraction point, there is one hunter for each player (Ex: 4 Players=4 Hunters).
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