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The Purple Star [Contest Entry]

The Purple Star [Contest Entry] Minecraft Skin

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avatar aidan980
Level 44 : Master Nether Knight
The Versolian - The Purple Star

As a Child, Steve would have many dreams of his future. Many of which happened to include mining and exploding green bushes. For the first five or so years of his life every night when he looked out of his window, he couldn't help but notice
a purple light coming from the void of space, and over the course of those years the light appeared to get closer, and closer untill the light was close to his village. The dreams of his future started to get even worse, dreams of undead rising in the dark of night, burning doorways leading to limbo, and a dark plane of existance with nothing but white stone and a fiery roar coming from the sky's. These dreams made him into a sort of problem child, making him paranoid of everything, scared of everything.

In the next few day's after his paranoia began, one night one of his fellow villagers went missing. The cause was unknown for this. Over the next few days one person started to go missing every night, untill steve was the only one left in his village. When he finally realised this, that night he spent his night in utter fear, shaking, crying untill it appeared in front off him.

A tall emotionless figure with slender arms and dead purple eyes stared at him. He couldn't speak, he wanted to scream...but nothing came out. The figure looked at him for over ten minuted before its giant arm's went to grab Steve. At this moment he let out the loudest scream he could spanning for miles. "HEEEELLLPPPP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Then a blinding purple light filled his room, startling him and even the emotionless man. He remembered....the light, no....the star. It reached his village. When the light parted the tall figure was on the floor...dead. When Steve mustered the courage to open his eyes and look up, he seen him. A man in purple armor. The armor looked advanced, not like redstone advanced but alot more futuristic but so elegantly designed. He looked down at Steve and through the armor in a robotic-esque voice said to him.

"Don't worry kid, the monsters are gone"

Every day now, through every adventure Steve has went through, from limbo to the end, he always remembers the man.
The man who made the monsters go away.....his Purple Star.

Right guys this is my first skin in God knows how long so I thought i'd throw a story in their for your amuesment
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