The Sleepy Queen Minecraft Skin

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The Sleepy Queen

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Level 27 : Expert Princess
The Sleepy Queen
She is the queen of counting sheep, fluffy clouds, and sleep . She loved to always just close her eyes and let her mind drift away as sleep consumed her body and mind and was just one with her bed . She was always so peaceful and always so tranquil . She had the voice of sweet honey and the face of an angel . Everyone adored the queen and you'd be surprised to know that even though she was always asleep , her kingdom was strong and always stood behind their queen . Whenever her people stood near her , they instantly felt soft and light and warm and just wanted to hop on a cloud and sleep their day(s) away . Stories and rumors were always spread around about how the queen became so sleepy or where she even came from . "She descended from the sky and slowly came down to us on a cloud" . "I heard she was put under a spell by a dragon who puffed out sleeping dust in her face and was brought here by a Knight " . Whether those rumors were right or not , it did not bother the queen one bit because nothing ever bothered the Sleepy Queen. Till this day , people still wonder , why was that queen so sleepy ?

- Rosie


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