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The Spirit of the Garden

The Spirit of the Garden Minecraft Skin

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This skin is my entry for the Spellbound Garden Player Skin Contest!

Story (or something along those lines):

The garden was clearly not normal. It was bigger than the average garden, almost like a miniature forest. And it was quite like a miniature forest, since many trees, bushes, colorful mushrooms and flowers, and other types of plants grew all over the place. It was hardly controlled, and nature had taken over the place.
The garden was not only huge and sprawling, but it also had many strange creatures living within its boundaries. There were the living trees, faeries, living mushroom-people, the dryads, and the human mage caretakers of the garden.
However, every single living thing in the garden seemed to be coming from the center, where a small wooden pedestal stood. The pedestal had small red mushrooms growing upon its wood, but the wood was hardly visible due to the vines that surrounded it. The vines were adorned with flowers, and they covered most of the pedestal, but no vine touched what lay atop it. What lay atop the pedestal, was a glowing green orb.
The orb's origins are unknown even to this day, but everyone inside the garden know that it contains a powerful spirit within it. Everyone in the garden know that the orb is the garden's life, the thing that keeps the garden living throughout every day for centuries. The orb makes the garden sprawl with plants, the orb makes the garden contain magical life. The orb, in short, is the spirit keeps the spellbound garden, and its inhabitants, alive.

(I hope the story explains what this skin is supposed to be).
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