The Unbreakable Bond (Fishkiss' Anomaly Palette Contest) Minecraft Skin
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The Unbreakable Bond (Fishkiss' Anomaly Palette Contest)

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VinylReplica avatar VinylReplica
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
This is for Fishkiss' Anomaly Palette Contest heh. I am a huge fan of palette contests, so ya boy had to enter

So uh, this is meant to be like the broken heart on the back is trying to stop the bond between 2 people but the bond (the flame) is too powerful. Inside the flame is 2 people holding hands. The right arm on the skin is purple and a beast, meaning it has taken over a lil bit and he is losing control. Less light from the flame is also present on that portion of the skin to reflect this, and rather has the light from the tentacles on it.

This is not a personal skin but I was making the right hand on a steve model anddddd I uh had to change to an alex- yeaaa that wasn't fun haha. I added a flame and wanted to do something on the back with the purple palette soo... heart :D. I have always wanted to do an on skin central light-source as like an orb or a flame or something, so this was fun and new to do. Someone told me that they like when I do experimental stuff, so here is something more experimental and different to what I would make. It actually has meaning :O
CreditJake for telling me to do hair instead of the weird hood thingo lol

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