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the underground merchant - original design, miners and cave dwellers contest

the underground merchant - original design, miners and cave dwellers contest Minecraft Skin

Contest Finalist!
This Skin is in the Miners and Cave Dwellers Player Skin Contest which is now Complete!
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avatar MoltenONI
Level 42 : Master Answer

"Oh hello there miner..."

"I can rent you a pickaxe for a fair price, it's made of netherite and it's also enchanted... Just don't break it or i'll take your knees"

"I see you're in quite the pickle... Don't worry i'll splash this Healing II potion in both you and those zombies, you can pay me later..."

"That cursed skeleton! it made a bloody hole in my hat!"

"You think you can fight me for my wares? Pffffft okay, try, you won't even scratch me with this netherite breastplate on"

"Pay me in emeralds? No, no, no, i'm not like those... villagers. You'll have to pay me in diamonds now for that comment"

so, after like.... almost 4 years i've decided to enter an official contest again

i'm really proud of how this one turned out but i know i could've done better lol

this guy is mostly inspired by the skeleton merchant and somewhat by the traveling merchant (both from terraria)

anyways wish me luck in the contest, i really, really will need it if i want to end as a finalist

cyprezz give me clout i poured like 5% more effort than i should into this skin lol


-moltenoni out!

10/16/2020 10:42 am
Level 33 : Artisan Procrastinator
This looks really good o_o best of luck to you in the contest!!
10/16/2020 10:52 am
Level 42 : Master Answer
tysm! best of luck to u too if you decide to enter!
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