"The Water Witch"//Contest Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Aquatic Adventures Minecraft Skin Contest.

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"The Water Witch"//Contest

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Lisa570 avatar Lisa570
Level 26 : Expert Caveman
The ocean nymph observed the people of the primitive coastal village with a certain wonder and curiosity. Their strange appearances sometimes made her smile, and she regularly catches herself whispering to her lonely body, "Oh, how I wish I could be like them."
These locals were so colorful, and created beautiful objects with the tools that the land allowed them to use.
She watched them for many years, going on with their quite busy lives.
They then began to influence the lives of the ocean creatures as well, including the lonely nymph.
She first noticed it when they began to throw huge nets into the ocean, then reeling them in, holding on to several fish that did nothing to the locals but sometimes take their fragile fishing rods. At first, the nymph only thought this would be an event that would occur rarely, just so the locals could have something to sustain themselves for a while. Yet the next day they would throw out an even larger net, almost enveloping the entirety of the coast with these mass-lures that sucked away the life from the plentiful sea and never attempting to replenish it. These village locals were draining the ocean of all life that inhabits it, and they barely used the new resources for personal gain. They took many pounds of this mistreated life and ushered it away into the land, never to touch the water again. The nymph became curious once more as to where they were being taken, and why, yet more worried than curious she was for her ocean.
Eventually, the coral turned white, yet no being was there to sweep away what was left behind. The nymph turned her head to the shore, singular and small blue tears falling gently from her eyes made of the same material.
She stepped foot onto the still shore, showing her disappointed face and still body to the locals. Some began to run away into the mainland like a cat sprinting away from a calm, old dog, yet some stayed and attempted to slaughter this strange body that allowed their stone and vine-wrapped swords to only pass right through their warping body.
The nymph began to calm her face, folding her hands together and closing her eyes tight, as if disgraced to even look at what these villagers have become. Yet still, they slashed and waved their swords to their blind fear that was guiding them deeper into rage.
The blood-hungry people suddenly had an expression of intense fear on their face, and their eyes moved up to the torrent of water that they so mistreated. Their swords dropped into the sand, then were quickly washed away as gurgling and futile screams ringed out from under the water, only to never be heard by the neighboring people. The nymph still kept her tear-filled eyes closed, afraid to see her desecrated home, or the people that caused said desecration.

The traders walked to the village the next morning, the red sun still hiding below the dark horizon. Soon, though, their expressions seemed to lock in place as they realized there were no wooden buildings to greet them, and all of the people that treated them were neatly strewn about the beach, some limp, and some in such a tangled mess that they were barely recognizable as being akin to a human. On the shore, a shaking and lonely body stood, the reflection of blue light clear as the sun rose and blessed their rays of light upon them. The creature of water slowly moved towards the calmed ocean, their feet dragging behind the weight of the sand, and seemed to turn limp as they fell into the waters that enveloped them into nothingness. The locals, mortified, returned to the village, telling the tale of a "Water Witch", a god-like being that guards the ocean from any being that tries to taint its pure and life-filled waters.

(You can tell i'm not the best writer but you get the basic idea right T^T hopefully...)
(I'll probably edit it later but it's 4 AM so... not right now..)

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06/09/2018 5:03 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Skinner
JordynThePotato avatar
This is a beautiful skin! I wish you good luck in the contest! ^-^
06/08/2018 11:44 pm
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Necromancer
TsukiaKari avatar
The palettes are actually quite calming to look at ^^
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