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The Winter Assassin

The Winter Assassin Minecraft Skin
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avatar Arkady
Level 47 : Master Nerd
On the thick snow on a nuclear winter, there's a man lurking around. A survivor, from the far lands. An assassin that looks for food, shelter and protection. And theres a man, with lot's of water, approches the assassin. The assassin was very thirsty that he planned killed the man to get the water. But the assassin was surprised! The man showed kindness and gave the assassin a water. They became friends. The assassin promised that he would protect the man, at all cost. But one day when a lot of armed guys ambushed the two. The assassin told the man to run, but he refused. The two fought bravely, but there's to much for them to take. When they're weak the general took them to they're headquarters, a very safe place. The general introuduced himself and his group. He was General Jack Call, the leader of the Avengers CallBrothers. A group of survivors. The two(assassin and the man) joined the group. Then the two help the CallBrothers to clear the contaminated air and replaced it with normal breathable air for everyone. After years of research and equipment making, they're now ready. The CallBrothers, including the two, set the equipments up, connect the to their power source and Fired it up! The General said "Yes guys. It worked, we can now live our normal life". And thats the story of our Winter Assassin.

I came up with this idea while playing assassins cread. I actually love assassins creed, and combined it with this contest's theme(Planned to join the contest, but I was too late). But the skin itself, didn't copied any part of the game.

What's in the skin?

The skin comes with its weapons under its white cloak.
  What are the weapons?
      There are daggers, pistols, and boomerang, also has a small knife in its arms.

There's also an oxygen tank attached in its back(No one wants to breathe contaminated air).

A nice bulletproof armor under its cloak, and its where the weapons are!

Cool white mask, no one would ever know whats the face behind the mask!

Uhmm. Running out of words guys. So thats all for now, hope you like it. A diamond would be appriciated. BTW Goodbyeeee! Sorry for some spelling errors, Im actually typing this late in night. Just because I had school from 7 am to 11:30 am and 1pm to 4pm, and some more activities after school.
CreditAssassins Creed for the idea
Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelSteve (4 pixel arms)

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