-+The World Burns Outside+- Madlibs Minecraft Skin
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-+The World Burns Outside+- Madlibs

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SaturnMarz avatar SaturnMarz
Level 39 : Artisan Skinner
Grandson - Is This What You Wanted

Contest: MadLibs

My words were 'Ancient', 'Cyberpunk', and 'Red'
Making cyberpunk ancient was a living nightmare I swear :sob:

"It's 2186, the nuke hit 7 years ago. The city hasn't looked the same since...It's all rusted, broken down, and overgrown, the neon signs no longer glow their beautiful designs as they used to and the city hasn't been lively since. You're just here to salvage parts and to find some remaining food to survive a little longer...but instead you find an old droid who was well taken care of by their owner before doomsday happened, the head got filled with so much dirt flowers bloomed out of it! The jacket isn't as yellow as it used to be and the pants it wears aren't as red either, even the paint is fading fast over the rust...Corrosion hit this little guy horribly."
You decided to leave it be
-+The World Burns Outside+- Madlibs Minecraft Skin

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