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this is a practice skin

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Fawne avatar Fawne
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Witch
sometimes for practice (i know i post these a lot :,-)) i go to namemc
and roll random skins, pick one from the lot, & remake it

this is one of those skins
i lack originality and leech of off others don't @ me
this is the last one i think i'll do though because i'm realizing it's kinda grody & hypocritical of me

the skin i remade can be found here: xx
but as always, if you know the original creator of the skin
please tell me

if you want to do this, please roll random on pmc instead of namemc
it's a much more efficient way to get proper credits
and you should probably ask the user for permission too if they're still active

also i get the feeling this is an actual character, but i searched so hard to find something
and nothing so, tell me that too.

also x2 this skin is old

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