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.this tree it will die without leaves.

.this tree it will die without leaves. Minecraft Skin
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yooo I finished the first book of the Children Of The Famine book series, Under The Hawthorn Tree and i made a skin of the character Michael :D

rn I have art block and I’m trying to get rid of it and I think it’s working (well I hope it is lol) so instead of drawing the characters I’ll just make skins lmao

spoilers for Under The Hawthorn Tree comin up your alley rn

so this is a 9+ age book rite well im surprised it is after reading it 😳😳 there was a very graphic description of a starving crowd of people in Chapter 7, the main 3 (who are aged 7-12 πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘) came across a literal rotting dead body at one point. there’s also the entirety of The Harbour chapter which is a big crowd of poor starving people begging for food.
also 9 pages in the youngest sibling Bridget dies. 9 pages in πŸ˜”
but even then being depressing I really enjoyed it, it really does manage to show the pain of the poor in 1840s Ireland during The Great Irish Famine and while the rating is confusing I don’t think the book would have been the same without the graphic descriptions of the starving people around the main 3.
the main plot is that these 3 siblings, Peggy (who is 7 years old), Michael (who is 9 years old) and Eily (who is 12 years old) are making an extremely long journey to Castletaggart to find their great aunts Nano and Lena, after one day their mother goes out searching for their father, who’s been away for weeks, and never comes back. they were meant to be sent to the workhouse, but they managed to run off from the group.
There was a lot of times I was very sad and almost cried so I have no idea how 9 year olds have got through this book but maybe I’m just an absolute wuss lmao

also I now consider Willow Tree March the theme for the first book sorry you can’t use it now I have copyrighted it πŸ˜”πŸ‘Œ

just a taste of the graphic scenes (if you’re squeamish I wouldn’t recommend looking)

song I got the title from and now consider the anthem of the book :D

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