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Time is Running Out ∆ OC

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FromMatilda's Avatar FromMatilda
Level 44 : Master Necromancer
uh, Idk man, it an OC.

TO BE VERY TRUE, he's new. SO details are iffy, probably
Consider this a report-

Name: Marlo, last name, undisclosed. Age: 19, Affiliations: Madeline, last name, undisclosed.

Currently rouge, must be detained. The other subjects are getting closer by the day.

So far, all attempts to capture and detain have failed. Last seen with subject: Madeline, running from agents, climbing a fire escape.

First discovered when Subject: Madeline caused a time disruption.

Abilities: So far, unknown. Theorized, time travel.

Uhm, yeah, consider that a report by someone.
I mean, I'll probably share more as the time goes by and I figure more stuff out.
Also, yeah that's a new hair shading. I MEAN, I'm not gonna use it all the time. Some hair shadings make sense and others don't with some certain skins, you know.

CreditMy best friend for making me make a new oc, goddamnit.

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05/24/2018 2:30 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
morningblues's Avatar
OoooH cool c:
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