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totem in the sky

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tbh sometimes i wonder what i do with my life
theres a tON of elements in this and ree its kinda complicateddddddddd :)
it looks reaaally messy am sorry v sorry

and im also sorry i typed an essay- to whoever decides to read this :,)
storytime kids--
Far, far away there was a town. The town lived in peace and harmony always looking to the sky with smiles. Every time when one of the children there grew to be 8 they learned about the Legend. Quite honestly, some of the children thought it was baloney half the time, but they were taught to respect their ancestors so they listened quietly. This is- The Legend of The Totem In The Sky:

It was a dreary day. Not rainy, not cold, no storm in sight. It was just a dreary summer day. An extremely humid burning summer day. Around the valley village the sun was shinning without any mercy. The crops wouldn't grow and the village was starving, it seemed that they would see fall and winter with piles of dead. With no reason to stay a curious and hopeful farmer left the village ensuring his family that he would find something- or someone- willing to help.
He took off without any food or meer necessities. With just a blanket on his back he left to find whatever had given him hope in the first place. Climbing the broken down road out the valley that he called home he turned and stared at the baren landscape that seemed to have a cloud of airy hopelessness surrounding it. Without a doubt, he turned and stepped foot first into a vast unbothered land that seemed to welcome him with kindness and danger at each step.
As the adventurer passed through land after land, extremely odd to him as he had no idea about the world outside of his valley home, four days had passed. He was extremely exhausted and living off berry scraps that he found in the forests. On the fifth day he neared the end of the forest. At the end of the forest was a tall mountain stretching into the clouds, to the poor adventurer it seemed quite impossible to get past but he had the weight of his village on his shoulders and he took to the mountain with a worried expression of determination.
A day had passed, he could see the top of the mountain. It looked like it leaded to a giant glowing tree of some sort. He could tell there was more but couldn't tell what it was. Eventually he found that the mountain seemed to be carving itself and making a path for him as he went. The closer he got the weirder it seemed. It was a giant statue at the top. You couldn't even see the mountain anymore it was just clouds and sky. The statue had giant gemstones in its chest and back with a waterfall of water and lava on it's arms. It's eyes had a benevolent look in them with life that was unbestowed upon it. The green hair was leafy and branches were strewn about in it. It also had a beautiful garden of flowers growing on one side of its head. The odd thing was, for such a detailed statue at the top of a mountain surrounded by clouds, it didn't have legs. It was almost like it was connected to the mountain.
He reached the top and marveled at the giant statue in wonder. Before he knew it it was moving and he could feel the water splash against him when the statue moved it's stone arm to take a closer look at him. It crooned it's neck staring down at the adventurer with wonder and astonishment. The adventurer was so scared he had fallen back, his eyes were wide and his mouth was agape, he could smell a woody earthen smell from the statue and could feel the warmth of fire on one side and the cool of water on the other.
The statue opened it's mouth to speak trying to calm the startled traveller,
"Why are you here?"
The traveller, regaining his composure, seemed to mumble out in a whisper:
"Who-- what are you?"
Smiling, the statue stared at the traveller and gestured towards it's waist and chuckling,
"Where else can I go, for I happen to be ever so mobile.."
As it looked off into the distance the statue asked again,
"Why are you here?"
Sighing sadly the traveller responded,
"My home, my village, is starving. We can't grow food, for the sun is too hot. We have little water, for the air is too humid. We have little to be hopeful for, for winter is impending and we have little to nothing left."
The statue looked at the traveller with utmost empathy and pointed off towards the village.
"Is that your home..?"
"It's surprising you've gotten this far, your family must mean a lot to you," the statue smiled with a sad happiness, "I can grant you food and water but I cannot make this a reliability. You must not stop working hard for what you love and care for. Care for your village with utmost love and I will in turn give you healthy lands, fresh waters, and plentiful food."
The farmer stared at the benevolent statue and beamed.
"Of course! Of course! I would do anything for my family and village! Thank you! Thank you! I will am in your debt forever, how can I ever repay you."
The statue looked at the rejoicing man and smiled softly,
"I only need one thing.. for someone to be my legs and to return to me often. I am always ever so lonely and will never be able to see beyond this vastness into much fairer detail. I will never be able to experience first hand emotions you are freely able to feel.. Even if it is just second hand, my soul will be happy with that."
The farmer returned to his village to find the crops growing, rain was falling gently, and his village was happy and content, welcoming him with open arms and big smiles telling him about their worries and fears for him.

Ever since, the people from the village in the valley have been telling that story for centuries passing the morale through the village with pride. To this day, there are people still going to the statue to tell it stories from their life. Some have even said it smiles if you tell it jokes and has small tears coming from it's eyes if you tell it sad stories.


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12/23/2018 7:02 am
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Cool backstory
Really likes it
12/17/2018 1:50 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
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tros beaus original ta un talent fous
12/17/2018 5:02 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Sweetheart
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I don’t know much of French but thank you :)
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