Ultraman Orb Full Moon Xanadium (Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman X) Minecraft Skin
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Ultraman Orb Full Moon Xanadium (Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman X)

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
"When the Full Moon in the sky rise,Orb innocent self disappear and his inner X & Cosmos is shown" (parody of Rosario Vampire)

Before you guys gonna start saying "Gunbir, i thought you said you're going to do Evil,Out of Japan & last shortly Ultra Crusader. Why are you doing Orb? even if he does last more shorter then others, he still a main Ultra". This is a game exclusive! It wont be shown that much!

Full Moon Xanadium is a fusion type Ultra Crusader,that is Ultraman Cosmos & Ultraman X (a Little bit of Orb) and also a game exclusive, so i don't think it will appear in the series. He got the name from Cosmos's Full Moon Rect (take "Full Moon") and X's Xanadium Ray (take "Xanadium").(I doubt there is more info then that! and i don't think the game even possible for me to check on it!). This Fusion tho..... I think he doesn't kill! He have Cosmos's Heart! Had you seen the Fusion card fight trailer?! He just calm Zetton! But then that was just the trailer. When the full clip....He calm monster first then blow it away!

The Skin.....Of course the circle light thing on his shoulder and the horn is the problem

(While doing this skin...i was thinking..) Fan Fic!

:Full Moon Xanadium is fighting Steve outside the village. Steve fight due to Full Moon bought the last cookie from the villager. Steve is losing to Full Moon


Steve: no... i will not give up! I will protect the last Cookie!

FMX: ......

*:Full Moon is charging up by straightening his left arm & leg to the back while making a half moon shape. while doing it, lighting start coming out of the ground. Making a half moon shape on his left side. Steve was scared but he didn't show it

Steve: come on! I'll take any punch! ((yeah, so no power!!)

*:Full Moon pull back his leg and arm then straighten his left arm to the front. Steve backup a little. Full Moon shot his ray but it seems like air. It slowly coming toward Steve

Steve: What?! an Air?! What a let down. I was almost gonna pee my self

Villager: ((don't need to tell us that))

Steve: Alright alright, i'll be nice and let you hit me with that

*: Steve stand still till the air like ray hit him. Suddenly he feel relax then got blown away

FMX: ((i'll be going now))


kid: hey its Steve, lets steal his stuff while he's down!
Ultraman Orb Full Moon Xanadium (Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman X) Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Orb Full Moon Xanadium (Ultraman Cosmos + Ultraman X) Minecraft Skin
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Update #1 Change of shade : by Powered-Great 11/12/2016 6:35:47 pmNov 12th, 2016

much better then the last one

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