Ultraman Orb Slugger Ace (Ultraseven + Ultraman Ace) Minecraft Skin
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Ultraman Orb Slugger Ace (Ultraseven + Ultraman Ace)

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
Before you guys gonna start saying "Gunbir, i thought you said you're going to do Evil,Out of Japan & last shortly Ultra Crusader. Why are you doing Orb? even if he does last more shorter then others, he's still a main Ultra"......first of all,this is a game exclusive! it wont be shown that much! secondly, Orb to me....still count as "Last Shortly"

Slugger Ace is a fusion type Ultra Crusader,that is Ultraseven & Ultraman Ace (and a pinch of Orb) and also a game exclusive, so i don't think it will appear in the series. He got the name from Seven's Eye Slugger (take "Slugger") and Ace's own name. (i doubt there is more info then that! and i don't think the game even possible for me to check on it!)

The Skin- re-used of the Seven X skin (cause he is a bit purpleish). The horn is also a prob but right now...It's his armor thing

(Should i be doing...maybe i should....) Fan Fic!!

*:- Monster Graveyard
*Slugger Ace Dying*
Spe-Zep: no Slugger Ace! don't die!

Slug-Ace: i can't...i...Can't! i need...to...call up to my son!

Spe-Zep: Ace, if you can hear me, it's Seven's son not yours! and do you need help to throw that?!

Slug-Ace: nah i'll be fine

*: Slugger Ace is trying to throw the giant Eye Slugger but then he broke his arm
Slug-Ace: Oh God! oooooohhhhhh Looooooordd!!

Spe-Zep:... do y..

Slug-Ace: Just Throw It!! Don't Need To Say Anything!! I Already put the massage!!

Spe-Zep: I ain't gonna end up like you!!

Ultraman Orb Slugger Ace (Ultraseven + Ultraman Ace) Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Orb Slugger Ace (Ultraseven + Ultraman Ace) Minecraft Skin
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