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Valdr Targin {Request}

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spideryear's Avatar spideryear
Level 49 : Master Spider Rider
Valdr Targin, son of Desmond Targin, he grew up in the noble family of gentlemen. Living in Winterbane gave him a grim and cold expression, he is quite pale and has almost frozen stubble on his chiseled jawline. One of his blue eyes is darker than the other, a Targin trait. He wears grey/black boiled leather armor with thick leather belts and a long black cloak, with a wolf pelt draped over top. He wears sturdy boots and soft, layered cotton pants. He has long charcoal black hair.

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08/04/2015 9:47 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Bob_the_BuilderPet's Avatar
You just changed the eye color on a Jon Snow skin?
08/05/2015 4:23 pm
Level 49 : Master Spider Rider
spideryear's Avatar
Actually the only thing that's the same is the cloak. I just made this for a friend a while back.