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VoidLight -- Shadow in the Light (For Super Villians minecraft contest)

VoidLight -- Shadow in the Light (For Super Villians minecraft contest) Minecraft Skin

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This Skin is in the Super Villains Minecraft Skin Contest which is now Complete!
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avatar Adams_Games
Level 40 : Master Architect
Once upon a time, one person committed many crimes...

His name is Joe.

1 case want be noted.It was almost a success!

In one day...Joe wanted to rob a high-security building for the production and development of new technologies...
He disguised himself as an agent.He once wanted to relax on the sea and take a vacation.That's the day he left.
Joe was already making his way to the destination,but the agent returned to his office for take the car keys and saw the robber...

Joe was not able to commit the slightest crime.
And again he was sent to prison.

He hated his life...

But our case was a little in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Joe entered the lab.He was looking for some valuable items, maybe new drugs and so on.
Came security one of the guards wanted to handcuff the robber,but he bounced off and fell onto one of the tables,on the table were various vials and everything he smashed into his body...

The next day in prison, he heard a strange voice...

The voice told Joe to close your eyes and listen...Joe asked who is it?! The voice said that as long as you don't close your eyes I'm not what to say.Joe closed his eyes,and heard the rumbling of the wall,the voice told him to run and then what will explain it all.

After that, a voice said something to Joe.

After all he's been through, he's started to commit successful crimes and exhibit strange abilities...

I don't know what happened next...
CreditMy BEST chair in the world again...
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