Wand || Hanbok (ST with Fawne!) Minecraft Skin
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Wand || Hanbok (ST with Fawne!)

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Wand avatar Wand
Level 35 : Artisan Carrot
Why hello there! I present to you my (extremely late, I'm so sorry!!!), skin trade with the lovely Fawne!

I chose to remake her skin, wonderland to try something new, instead of a teen skin or my usual medieval fantasy stuff. Now, I am *pretty* sure that this is indeed a hanbok, however, there is also the possibility that I could be completely wrong, so feel free to let me know lol.

It was really fun working on something a bit different than the norm, however, with trying to recreate a traditional style of dress, I kind of backed myself into a bit of a corner in the sense that I couldn't make too many actual modifications to the design, so I instead went in a fairly different direction than the original did. I really enjoyed this, and once I got going it was fairly straightforward :)

Please check out Fawne's side !!!!!
She did such a wonderful job- the skin she remade isn't currently up on pmc, although I'll probably get around to putting it back up eventually.
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