Warhammer Fantasy: The Waywatcher Minecraft Skin
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Warhammer Fantasy: The Waywatcher

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'Ey guys, another Warhammer Fantasy skin here (My favorite Fantasy universe). Enjoy the skin and let me know if you use this for anything more than personal use.

Waywatchers are the silent guardians of the glades to Athel Loren. They patrol the ancient forest, hunting and preying on any trespassers who dare violate the peace of their woodland realm.

Many waywatchers were first scouts before they took the path of the solitary ranger. Fewer, more wild wood elves, feel the call of the forest coursing through their veins at birth and he or she will feel themselves more comfortable in the arboreal embrace of the woods than in the party of other elves. These elves follow their own way about the forest, lurking alone sometimes for years on end.[1][2]

Based off of this image from Warhammer: End Times, the Vermintide.
Warhammer Fantasy: The Waywatcher Minecraft Skin

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