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[WarioWare] Ashley

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Level 15 : Journeyman Engineer
"Who's the girl next door, living in the haunted Mansion?
You better learn my name, 'cause I am Ashley!
Just remember this when you see her on the street,
I'm the cruelest girl you'll ever meet!"
- Ashley's Song (Fragment, Enlgish version)

"She's everyone's favorite person in the world!
It's all about Ashley!
Ashley's magic is the greatest!
Nothing is scary to me!"
- Ashley's song (Fragment, Japanese version)

"I'm not interested in blogs, Red, you write instead. Everyone... I hate you."
- Ashley 

Who is she you ask? You better learn her name, she's Ashley, the magical witch! She knows the darkest spells and brews the meanest potions! She'll clearly be helpful when enchanting or brewing... maybe. Make her angry or make a mistake and you'll be the main ingredient instead. While she is serious, shy and distant (and only casts her spells correctly 40% of the time) she is easily angered and dangerous when she is angry.

Now, about the skin, I had to improvise her two huge hair things, but I think they came out pretty well.

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