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Warmy, a beach robot

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Level 38 : Artisan uwu
(From the same universe and planet as all my OCs in the collection below)

Warmys are futuristic robots that, assist the creatures and humans that go to the beach, they have the appearance of a person wearing shorts and glasses.

These beaches are artificial, from another planet very distant from the Earth. where the sun doesn't even reach, but even so, on this planet, the day reaches 50º and the night at -30º, the humans that arrive on the planet, are not pleased with this temperature, unlike the other natives who, are already accustomed, for this, a cooler is used which, placed on the person’s arm, built by the Warmys, with this cooler, the person will receive a 35º degree heat, the bracelet makes changes in the person’s body for this to happen, so that way, a human can stay comfortably on a beach as if you were on Earth.

Warmys also offer food and drinks to those who visit the beach, which is already a bit of a problem for humans, what the natives eat on this planet, many humans don't like it, and they were unable to save food on Earth before it was destroyed, so humans have to get accustomed to it, and eat the food and drinks they have on this planet.

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