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White Scar Pre-Heresy Skin

White Scar Pre-Heresy Skin Minecraft Skin
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The White Scars. The 5th Legion. The riders of the steepes. The White Scars are a very nomadic Legion. Their home planet is rarely visited and their home being their vast fleet. They grow up on the planet Chogoris and from there learn to ride their horses. When they become White Scars they keep their joy of speed and use their motorbikes to preform extremely efficient fast attaks at enemy weak points. They believe that any foe can be over come, because every foe has a small hole in his armor. They have a ritual that all Space Marines must anoint their armor with tribal markings. These are made with red paint and are ussually on the legs. The White Scars are a very tribal Legion and are almost always on their bikes and speeders.

White Scars Page on Lexicanum

This skin is from The Heresy Era Skin Project

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CreditJaghati Khan, Emperor of Mankind
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