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Who Lets The Sun Rise?

Who Lets The Sun Rise? Minecraft Skin

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avatar Stardawn
Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
"That would be me."

This one took a while. Also, I figured out what hue-shifting was after a billion years. Feels like there's more I could have done, but, I'm really burnt out on this. Heheh, get it, burnt out? No really, I'm done.


The cycle of the overworld was the only force that could not be controlled. No matter what power either side could force upon it, the sun would always rise and fall, and a new day or night would come with it.

In an attempt to halt it and shatter this balance,
the forces of darkness blanketed the sky in ash, blocking the solar energy that protected the cities every day from their attack. Powerless, those who relied on the light retreated, but were met cornered.

Right when it was certainly the end, and the sword was raised for attack, a flash of heat annihilated distance between between them, forming an immense bolt of light from the sun and scattering the clouds. The nomad stepped out from where it struck, their bright hair glistening in the light, adorned like those of the town, and dark eyes that solely expressed disappointment.

It only took a single point in the opposite direction to send those of darkness on the run, terrified and powerless in the light of day. The nomad returned to the citizens, showing their face, and giving a graceful bow, dissipated in a cloud of superheated smoke, never to be seen again.

This was the day the forces of darkness learned the true light itself controls their fire, and thus the ash, and they must be careful not to utilize it against those who rely on it.

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