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Wimpy Mcscermish | For Pirates contest - read des

Wimpy Mcscermish | For Pirates contest - read des Minecraft Skin

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avatar Cyclops_skins
Level 56 : Grandmaster Pirate
First of all, yes his real name is wimpy... and he isnt actually a pirate , hes the pirates janitor. First Let's describe the skin design!
He's wears a pirate hat with a skull on. His mouth is also screaming in terror, hence 'the name wimpy. He wears torn up clothes (provided by the captain) and has a ripped jacket of sorts. On the back of it, it says 'Property of the pirate captian'. He wears bunny slippers because , as he remarks, 'They are more comfortable than old man shoes".


Wimply Mcscermish (yes, that's his real name) is known as the wimpiest man in all of swordham - a island - and is made fun of for his name. Eventually, he snaps and signs up to be a pirate to show everyone that he is not wimpy. He has a terrible audition but surprisingly gets the job. It's turns out that he didnt get the job he wanted but rather as the ships janitor but yet he considers himself a pirate and joins on in journeys!

-Entry for 'Pirate's life' competition by Cyclops_Skins
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