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World Eater Pre-Heresy Skin

World Eater Pre-Heresy Skin Minecraft Skin
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avatar LordofNight2
Level 48 : Master Vampire
The World Eaters. The 12th Legion. The Eaters of Worlds. The World Eaters are reknowned for their bloodthirsty rages. They never care whether they win or not, they only car how much blood is spilt in their name. They fight with great abandon and rip through anything that stands before them. They have special implants in their heads that feed a special syrum directly into their brains that forces them into a violent state from which there is no return. These implants cause intense pain in their skulls and only causing pain to others will make it stop. Their weapon of choice is a chain axe. A fearsome weapon, that can cut even Power Armor in two.

World Eaters page on Lexicanum wiki

This skin is from The Heresy Era Skin Project

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CreditAngron, Emperor of Mankind
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