Wounded, Freezing, & Dying = = = Dilly Minecraft Skin

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Wounded, Freezing, & Dying = = = Dilly

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g0o0sebumps avatar g0o0sebumps
Level 17 : Journeyman Cowboy
Hello everybody, I present you a skin with a sad story. This is for the Nuclear Winter Skin Contest. 

Journal Entry
It's been four months since it all happened, & just a day since I've been wounded. 
I honestly don't know what it was that sliced my side, but I managed to dress the wound in bandadges
a traveler gave me. I can't feel my toes or fingers..

Journal Entry 25
A day has passed. I've been living off of dogfood & melted snow. Life here is harsh..
I haven't seen anyone at all today. Did everyone die off? I can't imagine living
in a world where I'm the only human on Earth..

Journal Entry 26
I'm starving. I finished all the dogfood. I'm all alone.
I miss my wife, my children, & our pet dog Benjamin.
I love them so much.. I hope they're okay. I sometimes get
this feeling of dread in my heart.. I don't know
what to do anymore..

Journal Entry 27
This is it.. This is my last day on Earth.. I'm scared to know
what it feels like or looks like when you die.. Where will I go?
What will I become? Some mutant's dinner, I guess..
If anyone finds this, good luck out

I wanted to include a sad story c:
I thought it should be included because what else would you
do in a nuclear winter?  
Some choose to seek help, food, and shelter, while others
just stay in the same place.

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12/25/2015 1:54 pm
Level 22 : Expert Unicorn
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Nice skin!
01/05/2016 8:26 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Cowboy
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thenk u
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