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Clubbed - Urban Legends Skin Contest

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Ubalube avatar Ubalube
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This is a ww1 German soldier. He is part of the Urban Legends Skin Contest. Here is his backstory.

During World War 1, the German soldiers were near defeat. German scientist soon found a gas called Nerve Numb. It numbed all your nerves and it would ignore pain. After a battle would end, they would heal the soldiers with the gas. This was called Nerve Numbing Experiment. 3 soldiers were selected to test the experiment. Soon both of those soldiers died due to side effects of the gas. Although, one soldier survived the side effects but gained an incredible amount of insanity. During a battle, he wiped out all enemy troops while being shot over 100 times. He felt nothing but rage. He ran up to an enemy soldier and Clubbed the enemy in the head with his spiked trench club repeatedly smashing until the soldier's head was nothing but a puddle. After killing off the enemy team, he started to murder his squad members in their sleep slitting their necks with his trench knife. He has been shot so much, his body shows his bones. Not even Mortar's could kill him. Some say he still lurks in the battle zone but others say he is out to seek people who are innocent and Club them in the head. People say they can still hear the war sounds at that area. Including the sounds of people getting clubbed in the head by the soldier.


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Update #1 - Added details to skin : by Ubalube 10/28/2017 7:22:54 pmOct 28th, 2017

Bones are now visible

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