WW2 [HEER] German Leutnant [Winter] Minecraft Skin
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WW2 [HEER] German Leutnant [Winter]

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Hallo Sanitater avatar Hallo Sanitater
Level 54 : Grandmaster Soldier
German Soldiers in WW2 were the main fighting force of the Heer. The Wehrmacht, or Nazi Germany's armed forces, had many divisions and specializations of soldiers who fought for Hitler's Reich. During WW2, Operation Barbarossa began in 1941, which required winter camouflage for the Heer and Waffen-SS units preparing to invade the Soviet Union. Many soldiers received warm winter trenchcoats, along with a white camouflaged fur coat overlapping. This was necessary to keep the soldiers out of the cold and ready to fight. The operation failed in December of 1941 after the defeat of the major German forces at Moscow. In the Heer, soldiers would need to receive orders from a commanding officer. German lieutenants would fight alongside soldiers on the battlefield, ordering them to attack certain areas or people with devastating force. They usually commanded troops with only a sidearm and an MP 40 pouch.

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