Xie Lian Minecraft Skin
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The protagonist of Heavens Official Blessing, Xie Lian! Also known as the Laughing-stock of the Three Realms, Taizi Dianxia, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Xian Le, The Flower Crown Martial God, and God of Rubbish! I know, he has many titles XD

Im just reuploading my skins from Miners to here, with 3 pixel arms.
So now im just gonna make my skins on Miners (since im more used to it and worked with it for a WHILLE, i know how it works) and upload them onto here since its more active and theres a higher chance to suck out my fellow chinese novel lovers.
Ge ge is so handsome uwuuu <3

Also, he ranks as the second strongest martial god in heaven, Jun Wu being and will always be first. I bet if he had his spiritual powers unlocked/never bound, hed be STRONG ASF
well, he already is, theres fanart where he fkin STOPPED AN ASTEROID WITH HIS FIRST FINGER
i love him and i just want fics of him being awesome asf

please credit me if used/reposted on another site!! ^^

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