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Xing Tian (Smite)

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Kill3rCreeper avatar Kill3rCreeper
Level 81 : Elite Creeper

Hear the legends of the headless warrior from the East, for they are not tales of a murderous monster, but a man that would not be undone by defeat or even death.

Long ago, three Emperors warred for supremacy of a young nation. Barely clinging to dominance, the Flame Emperor deployed his greatest general, the warrior-poet Xing Tian. Tirelessly he battled the other would-be Emperors but their numbers were too great; their weapons too sharp. Xing Tian returned to his lord in defeat but with his spirit unbroken. He begged to ride out and meet the enemy once more, but the Flame Emperor refused. His reign was over; his life forfeit to the Yellow Emperor.

Unwilling to give in despite the loss of his lord, Xing Tian rallied the Flame Army for a final siege of the Yellow Emperor's Sky Palace. While the soldiers crashed around them, Xing Tian met the Yellow Emperor in single combat, the two titans trading blows up the upon the mountaintop. High upon the snow-capped peak, the Yellow Emperor's blade struck true, beheading Xing Tian.

Was it days that passed, or years? It is unknown, but there, at the base of the mountain, Xing Tian awoke. A new face burned from his chest. The fire to battle renewed, the now headless Xing Tian rose to fight again.

For Xing Tian there is no defeat; there is no death. As long as there is a battle to be fought he will never surrender. And he will never die.

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10/14/2015 8:24 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Farmer
Deathstroke11 avatar
Nice job!! I really like the detail in this one!
09/21/2015 9:05 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Meme
gab51299 avatar
Hmmm... interesting
09/19/2015 9:41 pm
Level 46 : Master Cowboy
The Caped Crusader
The Caped Crusader avatar
Could you do a Luke Skywalker skin? pilot Luke preffered
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