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LaurenAngels_ avatar LaurenAngels_
Level 71 : Legendary Senpai
This skin is a tribute to all those who've died recently.
To Christina Grimmie who I loved, to Muhammad Ali, to Prince, to the people and families involved with the Orlando mass shooting, and to everyone in general. I don't think many of us take time to appreciate how lucky we are to have certain things in our lives, so please go to someone you love and hug them.

I put a lot of effort into this skin, so I hope you enjoy! I love you all so much btw, thanks for the support <3


CreditSam Tsui, Christina Grimmie, LGBTQ+

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11/19/2016 9:08 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Mage
strangerbaby avatar
This makes me think of my friend who died of cancer.. sad time...
11/06/2016 12:50 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
MandyMeow avatar
But what about the thousands of children who die every day? You only notice Christina because of she's famous. We only notice all the people dying because of the news. How about you look out there and look at the people who are dying in your own town. I know people are going to hate this comment. But this is the internet and I have the right to say what I want.
11/06/2016 1:03 am
Level 71 : Legendary Senpai
LaurenAngels_ avatar
Oh I totally agree with you. I feel terrible for everyone who has to lose their life unfairly, and especially for their families. I often wish there were no tragedies in this world. But this wasn't just towards Christina Grimmie. This was towards multiple celebrities, non celebrities and I quote "to everyone in general." as it states in the description.
10/18/2016 10:11 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Botanist
mitties avatar
You are a true angel for putting this out. This shows that you have true spirit. We live in a society today where whatever you are truly is judged by ANYONE in the world. For example I said to a person in front of me in chorus class because she was shaming people of being bi or gay and she found out I was bi and told everyone. People should be nice to each other causing less deaths, suicides and more peace.
07/20/2016 10:33 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Toast
Roselle avatar
omg! I love this!! it makes me so sad how people can't just live in peace and equality with each other. I 100% agree with this sm! You are so right, we don't know what things are worth until we lose them! ;u;
(PS: I love the hair on this skin!)
07/19/2016 12:15 am
Level 27 : Expert Warrior
Sanhoshi avatar
I might be late with the date this skin was posted, but this skin is just amazing, Lauren.
On to another topic, It's been pretty much chaos and destruction everywhere thanks to humanity, it's sad how we are destructing ourselves with no other reason than to take lead of a big rock that will sooner or later die thanks to us, slowly turning it to a mere nothing, and as time, there's no way back of things when we realize we did everything, for nothing.
We are causing our own extinction, and there's nothing that we can do, to fix that.

"So please go to someone you love and hug them."
Yes I will, Lauren. I will hug you. *Hug* c:
07/04/2016 10:11 am
Level 26 : Expert Narwhal
DeRpYPeeWee avatar

Christina Grimmie :(

I loved her too :(
07/02/2016 7:57 am
Level 1 : New Artist
SheepTrip avatar
06/29/2016 1:54 am
Level 30 : Artisan Musician
Prxfesor avatar
This is so heart warming to find people out here who will put time and effort into spreading the news to people to appreciate our families more, even though they relentlessly get onto us! Because of this message, i think this is my fav skin of yours! Well done!
06/18/2016 11:51 am
Level 1 : New System
277b avatar
You got me addicted to listening to the songs he sings Lauren Why Y U DO DIS~ >w<
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