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You're So Creepy

You're So Creepy Minecraft Skin
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avatar FabulousCougar
Level 39 : Artisan Taco
"Creepy girls you're just my style, blood-red lipstick you don't smile, falling victim to your fantasy, damn I love it that you're so creepy. Now you're risking it all for some creepy girl, with a blacked out rage that'll cast a spell, don't tempt her; she's got those evil eyes" ~ Ghost Town <3 I love Ghost Town and this is the fist song that I heard by them (Thanks Bronwen x3 ) and I instantly fell in love <3 This is the girl featured in their speed painting music video(s) (Pictures below) done by Alister Dippner, check out his website here and his Youtube channel here c: This painting was based off a Youtuber LedaMonsterBunny (Again pictures below) who sadly no longer makes videos :( She is making videos again! Link to her YouTube channel here c: Anyways I had to kind of make up the bottom half as the paintings are only about waist-up :P Please Diamond and Favourite if you like it and leave me a comment telling me what I should make next (Or just have a chat xD ) Enjoy and follow for more <3

Ghost Town ~ You're So Creepy (Music Video) :3

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