Yozora Mel [Hololive 1st gen] Minecraft Skin
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Yozora Mel [Hololive 1st gen]

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maby avatar maby
Level 35 : Artisan uwu
Hello again~ I've made another vtuber skin! this time is Yozora Mel, I haven't seen so many skins of her, so I did one myself! I really liked how is the result, I'll probably upload her new outfit soon, and it would probably be in a few days, or even tomorrow o.o

I spended more time in this skin than the Gura one, I made it with more details, well the principal reason is that Mel has more details than Gura's design, but both are pretty.

Yozora Mel [Hololive 1st gen] Minecraft Skin

[​Don't re-upload my skin in this site or any other site]
CreditHololive Production

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Minor fixes : by maby 09/25/2020 7:33:20 pmSep 25th, 2020

I fixed a little mistake I noticed after uploading it, but now I think it's pretty fine! ;D

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