Yuri, Ashen Valiant - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Minecraft Skin
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Yuri, Ashen Valiant - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Level 59 : Grandmaster Prince
Update (12/08/2022)

To celebrate Yuri's birthday, I decided to redesign this skin to be more up-to-date with my recent work. I was proud of certain parts, like the cape, but I felt like others were lacking. I am especially happy with my redesign of his hair, which I think looks a lot more similar to Yuri than before.

Please redownload the skin if you would like to use it! In the following days I will also be uploading an updated Byleth skin.

Yuri, Ashen Valiant - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Minecraft Skin

The leader of the Ashen Wolves, the secret 4th class of Abyss.

Now that the dust has firmly settled and people have had time to look back on Cindered Shadows, I'm not sure what the general feeling is towards it. Personally I thought it was a pretty good side story that answered some important questions, but I'm torn on the map designs. The Thracia-style escape chapter was an interesting idea but in a cast where two of your units will probably have 4 movement and there is no rescue mechanic, it was a pain to actually get through and required some very precise unit placement. I appreciated the more traditional gameplay style with set classes and abilities, sometimes finding the solution to the map's problems through your gambits and abilities was like a puzzle and I really appreciated the challenge. The Cindered Shadows chapters are definitely a mixed bag of untested ideas, but I will praise the final chapter for its unique setup and the second to last chapter for being challenging but far from impossible.

The Ashen Wolves as characters are definitely a welcome addition to Three Houses, although they haven't received the same attention as the main cast. Yuri especially was an interesting leader and a character who I felt could resonate with any of the other house leaders for their own different reasons. One problem with these characters is the strange disconnect between the continuity of the main story and that of Cindered Shadows- it's not clear how much of these characters' pasts are the same between the two, and it's never really elaborated on.

I've still got a few skins to post yet, so expect something in the next few days.

Yuri, Ashen Valiant - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Minecraft Skin

Yuri, Ashen Valiant - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Minecraft Skin

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - Happy Birthday Yuri! : by fire emblem man yes 08/12/2022 9:37:22 amAug 12th, 2022

Yuri's birthday is the 12th of August, which is today!

I noticed this while working on my Three Hopes Yuri skin last week, and decided I had to do something about it.
While making that skin, I already redesigned this version of his hair, hoping to make the difference between the shorter academy version and longer timeskip version of his haircut clear. I then spent some time editing the skin's colour palette and retouching the shading in areas to fit in with my other recent skins.

I have also pushed out an update to the hair palette and style of my Three Hopes skin from the other day. Only 3 people downloaded it before, but if you are one of them, please re-download it for the newest version.

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