Zero Darkness (Ultraman Belial + Ultraman Zero) Minecraft Skin
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Zero Darkness (Ultraman Belial + Ultraman Zero)

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Belial went inside Zero? My Childhood Nightmare is Back!!

Before yall be like "Gunbir! stop making some Lazy skin or Edited part! Just look at Mephisto & Zwei, is that worth posting?".........i kinda think this one is different

Zero Darkness is the form of Belial in Zero's body. This is considered as Belial's strongest form, as it is a fusion of Belial himself and his powerful rival: Ultraman Zero.After taunting them and revealing to them his presence in Zero's body, Belial watch as Zero's remaining friends charged him but the evil Ultra performed a high spin like maneuver and knocked all three face first into the ground. After destroying Mirror Knight's mirror Belial found himself grabbed from behind. The mirror warrior spoke of how Zero once freed him from the darkness on the Mirror Planet and as his body began to radiate intense light his intentions were clear, purge Belial from Zero. However, the dark one would have none of that and fired another energy slash straight into Mirror Knight's face. As Glen Fire caught the dying mirror warrior, Jean-nine attacked Belial. The young bot attempted to get through to him but it was all for naught as Belial used the Dark Twin Shot and cut the young bot in half. Seeing that he was the only one of his friends left Glen Fire roared with determination as his body was enveloped in a fiery aura, ready to face his last friend. However, all of Glenfire punches had no effect on Zero Darkness. Instead, Zero Darkness manages to land a cross slash to the hero's back, killing him.

The Skin - Just an edit of Belial's Reionyx skin. The prob is as always, The Horn!!

(I was thinking to add some...) Fan Fic!!
*:- Land of Light
Zero-Darkness: hey...Dad!

Seven: Hi son! i see that you got your self a new form!

Zero-Darkness:....What up! yo yo yo! i'm your son! Zero!

Seven: "What up"?

Zero-Darkness: k pops, do you know where the Plasma Spark is located tho?

Seven: Its still in the tower

Zero-Darkness: ok ok Dawg! yo son is going to... Hang wit Tiga and the others!

Seven: son........


Seven: did you forgot your promise?

Zero-Darkness:....Sorry dad....i...i..i.. got so many stuff that i forgot...about...this promise. sorry dad. So, can you remind me about this promise tho

Seven: oh, we agree on that if you visit the Land of Light, we'll play some Catch!


*: 5 hours later, Seven & Zero-Darkness had been throwing and receiving Eye Sluggers
Zero-Darkness: Oh.....Lord!!

Zero Darkness (Ultraman Belial + Ultraman Zero) Minecraft Skin
Zero Darkness (Ultraman Belial + Ultraman Zero) Minecraft Skin
Zero Darkness (Ultraman Belial + Ultraman Zero) Minecraft Skin
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