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Cyber-Sama avatar Cyber-Sama
Level 47 : Master Artist
Notice: Beta Release = Open Source

Find out more in the link below!
Here's the Official Webpage of SNESCraft!

[/size][/b][/size][/s][size=18pt][url=http://www.mediafire.com/download/s8dmhv90mqebdev/SNESCraft+Beta+v1.0.zip][b][16x][1.7] SNESCraft Full Version Download! (Mediafire)[/b][/url]

[url=http://www.mediafire.com/download/qrkt61ienebuo71/SNESCraft+Source+Files.zip][b]SNESCraft Source Files (Mediafire)[/b][/url]

Like it? View Full Size Imageit. Love it? View Full Size Image it!

SNESCraft Official Webpage Down (6/30/14)

Due to an apparent violation of the Minecraft Forums Policy, I am not allowed to submit content that's considered unorignal, so I will now be moving all of its content over here. Above, you will see that the webpage link is replaced with two download links. The first one is the full version of SNESCraft (textures + music add-on), the second link is to the source files, in case you want to make SNESCraft all by yourself! I hope you enjoy the new destination for everything SNESCraft. Peace!

Full Version Download Available (4/4/14)

I've added an alternate version of the resource pack that contains both the base content and the music add-on, and it's all 1.7 compatible! You can find it in the download section at the Minecraft Forums SNESCraft page but for convenience, you can also get it right here!

It's Been a Good Run! Beta is Out! (11/24/13)

Like I warned about before, I am now renouncing my responsibility for updating this resource pack. The beta version is out and it will be the last version I submit. I must say that I'm enlightened to see such progress come out of this resource pack and to witness how much attention it received.

Although my departure is imminent, SNESCraft is still allowed to go on. On the official webpage of SNESCraft is a download link to all of the source files used to create this resource pack. Anyone is allowed to use it and produce work of their own. As much as I'd like to update it, time is short and there's too many things to accomplish, therefore I must pass it on to another artist. I tried my best to work myself up to this moment and to adjust to the pace that I should finish this, I will conclude this news brief and hope that I did not neglect anything. Farewell, texture pack followers, subscribers, let the SNESCraft legacy live on.


The 5,000 Download Hitmark!... and Other Things (11/12/13)

I'm rather excited to exclaim that SNESCraft has reached yet another milestone of recognition. Now having reached over 5,000 downloads on PMC, and a total of over 20,000 views, I'm proud to say that this resource pack has sufficiently prospered through the work it has gone through. Thank you, fans of this resource pack, for sticking around to see this thing flourish.

But... that is not all I need to mention. In regards to your attention, I hope that you all may observe why I have been submitting a large flux of updates within the past few days. Unfortunately, I am announcing my resignation to the work on SNESCraft. You will see that the prospective updates will taper down within the next few weeks or so. But do not emit sorrow, for although I may leave, I will ensure that SNESCraft can still live on. After my resignation, I will give my utmost effort in submitting the complilation files I used for creating the entire resource pack. I will try the best to make the transition between any new resource pack editors as smooth as possible. Keep this in mind, it could come of use to you someday.

Get Ready for the New Stuff (11/10/13)

Hello, everybody. I've just come to mention that you should all be expecting a few huge updates coming up pretty soon. It's important to understand that the status of SNESCraft is likely going to undergo some major changes. I'm glad to know that you all are supporting this piece of work, you all have a wonderful day!

SNESCraft is Still Up and About (10/25/13)

I'm sure a lot of people are still pretty hyped about the new Minecraft 1.7.2 update. I just came to let you know that SNESCraft is indeed still compatible with the new version, even with the new resource pack options format. As far as I know, the only thing affected by it so far is the custom music not being able to play. It's important to know that I am still working on the resource pack and it can be expected to see more updates sometime soon! ^.^

We've Reached 2,500 Downloads Now! (09/20/13)

It's an honor to accept yet another milestone in the road of artistic recognition. I'm glad to say that over the course of the resource pack's existence on PMC, it has earned a total of 39 diamonds, and as the author of this pack, I've accumulated nearly a dozen subscribers. My opinion, which is influenced by my current level of experience, is that I see this as a very positive outlook on how this may flourish in the future. It's good to know that we've also finally reached the 50% mark at v0.5. To celebrate the occasion, I've submitted some bonus textures to spice up the aesthetics of your home. Cheers!

A Little Bit of Tech Difficulty Around Here... (09/17/13)

In case any of you have dared to look into the update log tab recently, you might come to bit of a befuddlement as you realize that the monster updates parts 1-5 for some reason all state that they were submitted on the 16th -- on the same day! I had a bit of a run in with some of the bugs on the update log format so for now, it seems there's not much I can do about it. I suppose you'll have to believe that the dates for part 1-5 are indeed wrong, they were done in a period of nearly a week.

News and Version Showcase Photos Now in Spoilers Below (09/11/13)

To reserve space in the photo showcase, I've now moved some of the images into a spoiler below. Same goes for the SNEScraft news, you'll have to peek under the spoilers from now on. Also, to save time from rifling through the news spoiler, I've now put the download link of the newest music add-on above. (Incidentally, I also give my sincere regards to the memorial event of 9/11.)

Music Add-On Now Available (09/10/13)

The download format has now changed. The add-on (patch) comes with a readme file on how to install it. Get version 1.1 in the link below found in the description.

SNEScraft - Music Add-On v1.1

Download and Update Formats May Change (09/10/13)

In order to increaseefficiency, there's a strong probability that the format for new downloads and updates will change. What does that mean? Basically there are currently two versions of SNEScraft.One versionis complete and can be downloaded from MediaFire. Theother versionlacksmusic, thus making it much smaller; it can be downloaded directly from Planet Minecraft.

After the format change, these two versions of SNEScraft will be different. Instead,one versionwill be known as the "base content" of the resource pack, your bread and butter, which will be downloadable directly from Planet Minecraft.Thisversion is practically identical to the version that lacked music (the Silent Edition). Theother versionwill be known as the "music patch add-on", which has all themusicof the resource pack without any of the basic files. If this change becomes complete, then you will have to install the music patch add-oninto your resource pack every time you download another version of SNEScraft. It's not a very difficult task, fortunately. Also, the link to the full version of SNEScraft will be deactivated after the change.

I also said that there may be a change to the update format as well. In order to provide updates morefrequently, I have agreed that whenever submitting a major update (version x.<1-9>, updates after thefirstdecimal), I would choose to update them in parts. To produce updates in a divisionalmanner, I will introduce a simple fraction system that displays the current level (the numerator) of the update before its completion (the denominator). It's something you will likely catch on to before the next major update. See you until then.

Attention! Get the Full Version Below! (08/28/13)

SNEScraft With Music (Mediafire)

Due to data uploading obligation, I apparently can't submit a resource pack download on Planet Minecraft above10 MB. So instead, I decided to begin uploading updated versions to Mediafire. You can, however, still download the latest updates from the Planet Minecraft link, just without the music.

1,000 Downloads, Everybody! (08/27/13)

It's such a gracious thing to accept the amount of attention this resource pack has served in the past few weeks. Over the course of its production, I have actually earned up to 15 levels in Planet Minecraft from this project alone! As a celebratory discourse, I have produced a new update to appropriate such an occasion. People, I bring to you version! Added a few new textures a bit earlier than expected. May not seem like much, but it's out there and it's free to use. For now, I will be paving the way for the next prospective "o�ªupdateo�ª". Now let's say we go have some cake and cookies for the occasion, eh?

Credits Roll (v1.2)

--© 1991 Nintendo - 20 years of inspiration and content
----Koji Kondo - Inspired the music update

--© 2013 sp614x - Provided the OptiFine Mod and Connected Textures

--The Spriters Resource - Primary spritesheet database

--Youtube/GilvaSunner - Provided music content for the Music-Add-On. Music information by GilvaSunner

--noproblo.dayjo.org/HelpTheWretched - Provided sound clips for the Sound Add-On

--GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program - Primary image editing software

--Audacity® - Primary audio extension converter and sound editor

----Title: Crimson Loftwing
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: Romance in the Air
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: Island in the Sky
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: Blessing of the Goddess
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Mahito Yokota

----Title: Destiny's Call
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: Grooseland
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: Isle of Songs
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: Beginning's End
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: Precious One
----Soundtrack: Super Mario Galaxy 2
----Arrangement: Ryo Nagamatsu

----Title: Fi's Farewell
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Composers: Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama

----Title: World 3
----Soundtrack: Super Mario Galaxy 2
----Composer: Mahito Yokota

----Title: World S
----Soundtrack: Super Mario Galaxy 2
----Composer: Mahito Yokota

----Title: Staff Roll 2 (Orchestra)
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Arrangement: Mahito Yokota
----Inspired By: Koji Kondo

----Title: Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
----Soundtrack: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
----Arrangement Supervisor: Koji Kondo

----Title: Blue Sky Athletics
----Soundtrack: Super Mario Galaxy
----Composer: Mahito Yokota
----Orginal Artist: Koji Kondo

----Title: Dragon Roost Island
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
----Composers: Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo

----Title: Gerudo Valley
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
----Composer: Koji Kondo

----Title: Kakariko Village
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
----Composer: Koji Kondo

----Title: Lost Woods
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
----Composer: Koji Kondo

----Title: Ricco Harbor
----Soundtrack: Super Mario Sunshine
----Composer: Koji Kondo

----Title: Throwback Galaxy
----Soundtrack: Super Mario Galaxy 2
----Arrangement: Shigetoshi Gohara
----Original Artist: Koji Kondo

----Music: Zelda's Lullaby
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
----Arrangement: Mahito Yokota
----Original Artist: Koji Kondo

----Music: Music Box House
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
----Composer: Koji Kondo

----Music: Windmill Hut
----Soundtrack: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
----Composer: Koji Kondo

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a long deserved texture pack that fits the style of the well-respected retro design of the SNES era! Now although this texture pack has undergone a long an arduous creation process, it was only recently that I had discovered the new format of resource packs, therefore, dramatically increasing organization process. This brand-new resource pack is possibly gonna try to go the whole way -- custom music, random textures, custom item names, everything! The textures in this pack contain content from classic games such as:
  • The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past
  • The Super Mario Bros. Trilogy
  • Super Mario World 1 & 2
  • Kirby Super Star
  • Harvest Moon
  • ...And Various Cameos!

To fill you in with even more detail, each biome contains a unique theme. To name a few, we got the well-beloved Deku forests of Hyrule for the forest and grass biomes, birch trees from the mysterious Forest of Illusion of Super Mario World, the dark caves and castle bricks of Super Mario Bros. 1, the classic Desert World of SMB2 for the desert biome, the pine forests of the distant Iced Land of SMB3 for the taiga biome, the plant life from the exotic Yoshi's Island of SMW2 for the jungle biome, and much more!

But that's not all! Since the 0.4 update, SNEScraft now comes with its very own playlist of high-quality music! From key modern Nintendo video games such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy 2. But here's where it gets better -- each music disc is custom-modified to a selection of some of the most memorable musical pieces by none other than Koji Kondo himself! Each song, an excerpt from perhaps some of the greatest Nintendo games of all time. But don't just take my word, hear them for yourself!


This is a resource pack design based on the theme of various gaming franchises of theSuper Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The Nintendo Company owns legal rights toward any of their games. I firmly regard the copyrights of Nintendo, Natsume, Squaresoft, and other companies and acknowledge that I do not own a copyright towards their content. I do not intend to produce this content for commercial profit, renounce the sole ownership of any of the respective gaming companies, or pass unoriginal content as my own.

Additional Notes

I have to give a big shout-out to the Spriters Resource for helping me out with so much of the sprite ripping. I've been following them for several years now and I have always relied on their work. If you'd like to pay them a visit, I've got a link for you right here....


Oh, and also, the Optifine mod would go great with this. Optifine has been almost a necessity to me when playing Minecraft. Optifine comes with things such as connected textures, better grass, HD texture support, and a dramatically faster FPS processing rate, s'good, mod. If you ever wanna check it out, or just wanna download the latest version, click on this link....


Please let me know how you feel about this by posting a comment or sending a message. If you plan on making a showcase or video with my resource pack, please let me know. When you decide to post a showcase of this resource pack on the web, also please let me know, thanks!

CreditNintendo Company, The Spriters Resource
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.8

38 Update Logs

Beta v1.0 - The Beta Update : by Cyber-Sama 11/24/2013 6:01:20 pmNov 24th, 2013

The concluding update of SNESCraft, here it is. I posted all the work I had done for the GUI textures, it isn't much. Everything else will be left to whoever decides to work on it. It's been good,


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08/18/2014 9:05 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Rathlon avatar
Wonder if I could use this in 1.7.10.
Time to find out
08/29/2014 7:28 pm
Level 47 : Master Artist
Cyber-Sama avatar
I'm pretty sure you can, unless like the whole format just suddenly changes.

If you can, please lemme know how it turns out!
04/13/2014 11:18 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
goober85 avatar
Why is there a "game " folder inside the music folder? I'm pretty positive that the music just all goes in the music folder without a game folder.
04/15/2014 6:21 pm
Level 47 : Master Artist
Cyber-Sama avatar
I just followed the default folder system. I think it was the way you're talking about until 1.7, when the folder paths changed. I think there's also a menu folder next to the game folder, to organize the music.
04/17/2014 1:04 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
goober85 avatar
Ah, sorry. Pretty much right after I comented I looked in the assets and noticed. :)
04/04/2014 10:09 pm
Level 47 : Master Artist
Cyber-Sama avatar
YEAH! I added a full version of SNESCraft with textures and music! You can download the .zip file and drag it right into your resource packs folder! Get it here!
03/29/2014 7:54 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
goober85 avatar
Excuse me, but the music isn't playing. Even when I use the texture pack, the music is still the default. I'm aware that in an earlier version of SnesCraft you had to download the music seperately and add it to the texture pack manually. Is this still the case? If so, could you tell me where to download the music? Thanks in advance.
04/01/2014 3:39 pm
Level 47 : Master Artist
Cyber-Sama avatar
Yes, actually, you still have to download the textures and the music seperately. To get both of them, just head to the SNESCraft webpage at the Minecraft Forums. You can find a link to it in the description above. (It's the big "Here's the Official Webpage of SNESCraft!")

After that, go ahead and scroll down to the Download Section and you'll find the download link to the textures (base content), music, and sound. The instructions to install it from there will be in the .zip files you download.

I think I might add a download link that contains all of the content someday. The music and sounds add-ons only work for 1.6 for some reason, I'm not sure why. I hoped this helped! ^.^
04/02/2014 3:44 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
goober85 avatar
Yes, thank you! That helped a lot! Great resource pack, by the way.
02/10/2014 9:49 pm
Level 25 : Expert Artist
Robotic Orange
Robotic Orange avatar
Nice, Even though you used Super Nintendo stuff, it looks very original.
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