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4x Default | [b1.7.3] | FPS Boost

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nSpace's Avatar nSpace
Level 45 : Master Artist
4x Default | [b1.7.3] | FPS Boost Minecraft Texture Pack
4x Default

4x Default is a light performance pack designed for much slower CPUs with integrated graphics, especially older model laptops and devices with low RAM. It only affects particles, terrain/blocks, paintings, weather/sun/moon, and 3D objects like boats, signs and minecarts. Everything else has been left to load the vanilla textures as lowering their resolution would create more problems than resolve.

4x ONLY works with some kind of texture patcher, so you will need either StationAPI (scroll down to the "Using This to Run Mods" section to learn more), Optifine (I have my own Optifine archive here and would advise using Historian's Fix which is included), or even good old MCPatcher (the originals won't work however here is a patched standalone version without the installer including various fixes for OpenGL and depth buffer fixes.)


4x Default | [b1.7.3] | FPS Boost Minecraft Texture Pack


If you want to use this pack purely for performance reasons I would suggest using Historian's fixed edition of Optifine included in the above archive and turning as many settings off/to low as possible. Since if you're willing to use 4x textures, you'll might as well turn off as much as you can to get an additional performance boost. Playing on servers will also significantly improve your FPS, as the server will deal with a lot of calculations your PC would normally have to do in singleplayer. You could of course purely use this pack for a unique look, however you will still need some kind of texture patcher.

If you cannot use a texture patcher for any reason, water will be completely invisible along with other bugs and issues. If you still want better performance but can't use a patcher for whatever reason (one example I can think of would be for Pojav Launcher which is difficult to get working with 2011 mods) you can check out LegacyPack 8x which works with the vanilla b1.7.3 client.

After testing with an e300 AMD CPU and an A6 AMD APU I found I got a performance boost of around 10%-20%, especially on the e300 which is an incredibly low spec notebook APU. Beta 1.7.3 can be buggy on AMD hardware however I used Historian's Optifine Fix which resolves these issues and MultiMC (technically a fork called UltimMC.)

It is possible to run a texture patcher via the official launcher but you will need to look up a tutorial on how to install mods on the official launcher as it's a bit more complex than you'd think it would be. I would advise using UltimMC instead as it's incredibly light and allows for offline play, which is what I do with a legitimate account I own.
CreditDownscale of early Mojang/Notch textures.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7 beta

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08/06/2023 12:37 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Radixerus's Avatar
This is the long lost original xbox port of Minecraft
08/19/2022 12:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Crreep_73's Avatar
dang, this is really fun! it make the world feel small and handleable. The RPG texture pack I was previously using did just the opposite and I must say this suits me much better :3
Looks good w/ BSL shaders
08/21/2022 7:14 am
Level 45 : Master Artist
nSpace's Avatar
Even if you do use this pack for looks rather than an FPS boost (and to be honest you need very low end, much older hardware to get a boost at all - most modern low end PCs probably won't benefit) it does have a pretty unique look to it. I'm glad you like it.
08/08/2022 9:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4264246G's Avatar
texture peck perfect <3, ok
07/09/2022 10:12 am
Level 30 : Artisan Creeper
Cheeseywheeze's Avatar
Does this come with a shader?
07/09/2022 11:23 am
Level 45 : Master Artist
nSpace's Avatar
It's just the texturepack files, no MultiMC instances or anything