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A Brave New World 3Dfx: Paradigm Shift - v1.11.2 . . . EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE FOOD! Huehue.

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TQuin avatar TQuin
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
Download ABNW Legacy v1.9 Pack

Download ABNW Legacy v1.8 Pack

Download ABNW Legacy v1.7 Pack

Guest Video Details:
I will promote any video posted in the comments section that features A Brave New World so long as the video is not defamatory. However, the best video will become the featured video at the top of the download page for that week AND if no suitable video is submitted the next week then the current video will remain as the featured video.

ABNW Fan Videos (not made by me, mostly):

This pack has been in development since October of 2010 starting in Minecraft Alpha 1.1.2_01.
The project was sunset some time in 2018 due to the crooked business practices of the developer and publisher.

Core values:
• Retain the low-res aesthetic of Minecraft while enhancing the visual appeal.

• Pay homage to numerous nostalgia-oriented games, movies, cartoons, comics, anime, and manga.

Paradigm Shift Music Credits
Paradigm Shift is a new musical chapter of A Brave New World. Sony Music has started to target Minecraft video creators with copyright violations for using the in-game music in videos, something that Mojang still claims publicly to be acceptable use. Because corporate executives are the worst kind of human scum, we're replacing all of the in-game music with music from independent artists. This will allow for a new experience in Minecraft, worry-free video creation, and improved exposure for the musicians. It's a win all around.

A brief history:
Originally concieved as a proof-of-concept for the Real Life Seasons Mod, which was designed to rotate the seasons according to IRL calendar months (similar to Animal Crossing), this pack has been compiled from the remains of the now-defunct mod. After the mod was cancelled, we consolidated the resources down to a single resource pack. Real Life Seasons Mod is now this, but without seasons. There's no more seasons, but its still good. Hope you enjoy.

Old promo video for Real Life Seasons Mod

Link to PCGamer's review of the old Real Life Seasons Mod

The project was originally a collaboration built for a mod. The mod is now defunct and was consolidated to a resource pack. Some collaborative resources were replaced with original content, but others were left because not broken won't fix reasons. All content was, however, provided with the explicit consent of the source origin. Textures were originally a proof-of-concept and not the core offering at that time, so borrowed content was a non issue. Since the conversion, it's more original than not, but some of the unoriginal textures are simply good enough to keep and won't be changed in the foreseeable future.

Project Scope Document
CreditMultiple sources; credit file was lost, but all sources given w/ permission.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.11

86 Update Logs

Update #86 : by TQuin 04/07/2017 4:09:28 pmApr 7th, 2017

Furnace front glow
Enchant table w/ book held item

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03/23/2020 1:07 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
TQuin avatar
Sorry, guys. This one's done forever. Never coming back.
08/07/2018 10:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TheAwesomeRocket avatar
hey, so just wondering, are you officially done with this resource pack or is there still a chance for you to update it to 1.13?
03/23/2020 1:08 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
TQuin avatar
I'm sorry. No. Mojang turned on the bricks that built their empire. I refuse to continue.
03/03/2018 1:09 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
VexTru avatar
01/27/2018 11:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
GameBoyKid avatar
You were earlier complaining about the updates being lackluster and small. Finally Mojang decided not to release an update with only command changes and small technical stuff and focus on a major update. They've merged 1.13 with 1.14 for the update aquatic. It sounds like it will be a big update with the effort of previous updates. What do you think of this, and do you think it'll stay that way for the next updates?
10/25/2017 11:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
GameBoyKid avatar
So apparently Mojangcrosoft or the illuminati or whoever is in charge has decided minecraft textures look ugly and need improvement (which I think is the point of your resource pack if I remember). What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the recent re-designs that have been shown in screenshots?

They totally should've just added ABNW to vanilla and called it good, would've fixed all the ugly.
11/13/2017 8:16 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
TQuin avatar
I agree. Some of the pack would have had to have been reworked as it was part of a collaboration, but I'd have done the work for free just to have it on my resume.
10/23/2017 5:38 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
RbtEnderman avatar
Hey It’s RbtEnderman the creator of the video you guys featured thank you very much for featuring me!
10/24/2017 7:29 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Engineer
TQuin avatar
Thanks for for featuring the pack. Always remember, everything looks like food. ;)
06/24/2017 6:36 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TheAwesomeRocket avatar
hey, are you still working on the 1.12 version of this texture/ resource pack. I know that its compatible, but I really cant wait to have the textures, they are always awesome/ amazing. :D
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