Aerilon Legacy SMP Pack 1.1! 1.16.3

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Level 22 : Expert Miner
Needs Optifine!

Minecraft Aerilon Leagacy Pack is a pack that is developed to enchant the game play of minecraft. The pack adds..

  Better Foliage

  Better double slabs for granite, ploshed granite, mossy cobble stone, cobblestone, stone bricks (and mossy), acacia, spruce, and dark oak slabs, polished andesite, and Raw andesite
  custom home screen
  And Home screen Music (made by me)
  Custom GUI's

The texture pack will still get updates and so on!
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Other Downlaods

1.0 [1.16-1.16.1]
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16
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