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Animesque Remastered (Sphax and Anime Inspired Resource Pack) 256x/128x/64x (1.12 Compatible!)

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Devgirl Neko avatar Devgirl Neko
Level 70 : Legendary Artist
Well, this is my second time uploading this pack and sadly the last pack I will be uploading to Planet Minecraft. It's inspired by anime and Sphax PureBDCraft, and all of the textures are created by me in Photoshop. It is also a work in progress, so not everything is complete, but a lot is in the pack already. After several conflicts with moderators on this site, I have decided to leave. This pack is my way of going out with a bang. However, I will still be making skins and packs on minecraftforum.net if you would like to follow me there and support my work. I will also be updating this pack on PMC regularly until it's finished, but I won't be updating any of my other packs on this site. It's been a great 4 and a half years on this site, and I thank you all for the support!

Progress25% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

22 Update Logs

Animesque Remastered Version 0.1.0 : by Devgirl Neko 09/01/2018 11:40:06 pmSep 1st, 2018

A bit of a setback, but I completely reworked the pack so the end result will be worth it.

Version 0.1.0 (26.83% complete!)
-- Blockstates --
o birch_door
o dirt
o netherrack
o red_sand
o sand
o stone

-- Models --
> Block
o birch_door
o carved_pumpkin
o jack_o_lantern
o melon
o pumpkin

-- Textures --
> Block
o acacia_door_bottom
o acacia_door_top
o acacia_leaves
o acacia_log
o acacia_log_top
o acacia_planks
o acacia_trapdoor
o andesite
o anvil
o anvil_top
o beacon
o birch_door_bottom
o birch_door_top
o birch_leaves
o birch_log
o birch_log_top
o birch_planks
o birch_trapdoor
o black_concrete
o black_concrete_powder
o black_terracotta
o black_wool
o blue_concrete
o blue_concrete_powder
o blue_ice
o blue_terracotta
o blue_wool
o brown_concrete
o brown_concrete_powder
o brown_terracotta
o brown_wool
o carved_pumpkin
o chipped_anvil_top
o chiseled_red_sandstone
o chiseled_sandstone
o coal_ore
o coarse_dirt
o cobblestone
o crafting_table_front
o crafting_table_side
o crafting_table_top
o cut_red_sandstone
o cut_sandstone
o cyan_concrete
o cyan_concrete_powder
o cyan_terracotta
o cyan_wool
o damaged_anvil_top
o dark_oak_door_bottom
o dark_oak_door_top
o dark_oak_leaves
o dark_oak_log
o dark_oak_log_top
o dark_oak_planks
o dark_oak_trapdoor
o destroy_stage_0
o destroy_stage_1
o destroy_stage_2
o destroy_stage_3
o destroy_stage_4
o destroy_stage_5
o destroy_stage_6
o destroy_stage_7
o destroy_stage_8
o destroy_stage_9
o diamond_ore
o diorite
o dirt
o emerald_ore
o frosted_ice_0
o frosted_ice_1
o frosted_ice_2
o frosted_ice_3
o gold_ore
o granite
o grass_block_side
o grass_block_side_overlay
o grass_block_snow
o grass_block_top
o gray_concrete
o gray_concrete_powder
o gray_terracotta
o gray_wool
o green_concrete
o green_concrete_powder
o green_terracotta
o green_wool
o ice
o ice_packed
o iron_ore
o jack_o_lantern
o jungle_leaves
o jungle_log
o jungle_log_top
o jungle_planks
o lapis_ore
o light_blue_concrete
o light_blue_concrete_powder
o light_blue_terracotta
o light_blue_wool
o light_gray_concrete
o light_gray_concrete_powder
o light_gray_terracotta
o light_gray_wool
o lime_concrete
o lime_concrete_powder
o lime_terracotta
o lime_wool
o magenta_concrete
o magenta_concrete_powder
o magenta_terracotta
o magenta_wool
o melon_bottom
o melon_side
o melon_top
o mossy_cobblestone
o oak_leaves
o oak_log
o oak_log_top
o oak_planks
o orange_concrete
o orange_concrete_powder
o orange_terracotta
o orange_wool
o pink_concrete
o pink_concrete_powder
o pink_terracotta
o pink_wool
o podzol_side
o podzol_top
o polished_andesite
o polished_diorite
o polished_granite
o prismarine
o pumpkin_bottom
o pumpkin_side
o pumpkin_top
o purple_concrete
o purple_concrete_powder
o purple_terracotta
o purple_wool
o red_concrete
o red_concrete_powder
o red_sand
o red_sandstone
o red_sandstone_bottom
o red_sandstone_top
o red_terracotta
o red_wool
o redstone_ore
o sand
o sandstone
o sandstone_bottom
o sandstone_top
o snow
o spruce_leaves
o spruce_log
o spruce_log_top
o spruce_plank
o stone
o stone_bricks
o stone_slab_side
o terracotta
o white_concrete
o white_concrete_powder
o white_terracotta
o white_wool
o yellow_concrete
o yellow_concrete_powder
o yellow_terracotta
o yellow_wool

> Entity
> Bed
o black
o blue
o brown
o cyan
o green
o light_blue
o lime
o magenta
o pink

> Environment
o end_sky
o moon_phases

> Title
o edition
o minecraft
> Container
o inventory

> Item
o apple
o bone_meal
o book
o brick
o bucket
o cactus_green
o charcoal
o clock
o coal
o cocoa_beans
o cod
o cod_bucket
o cooked_cod
o cooked_salmon
o cyan_dye
o dandelion_yellow
o diamond
o diamond_axe
o diamond_hoe
o diamond_pickaxe
o emerald
o enchanted_book
o fermented_spider_eye
o flint
o flint_and_steel
o glowstone_dust
o gold_ingot
o golden_apple
o golden_axe
o golden_hoe
o golden_pickaxe
o golden_shovel
o gunpowder
o gray_dye
o ink_sace
o iron_ingot
o iron_pickaxe
o iron_sword
o knowledge_book
o lapis_lazuli
o lava_bucket
o light_blue_dye
o light_gray_dye
o lime_dye
o magenta_dye
o milk_bucket
o music_disc_11
o music_disc_13
o music_disc_blocks
o music_disc_cat
o music_disc_chirp
o music_disc_far
o music_disc_mall
o music_disc_mellohi
o music_disc_stal
o music_disc_strad
o music_disc_wait
o music_disc_ward
o nautilus_shell
o nether_brick
o orange_dye
o pink_dye
o pufferfish
o pufferfish_bucket
o pumpkin_pie
o purple_dye
o redstone
o rose_red
o salmon
o salmon_bucket
o sign
o spawn_egg
o spawn_egg_overlay
o spider_eye
o stone_axe
o stone_hoe
o stone_pickaxe
o stone_shovel
o string
o sugar
o totem_of_undying
o tropical_fish
o tropical_fish_bucket
o water_bucket
o wooden_axe
o wooden_hoe
o wooden_pickaxe
o wooden_shovel
o wooden_sword
o writable_book
o written_book

> Map
o map_background
o map_icons

> Painting
o paintings_kristoffer_zetterstrand

> Particle
o footprint
o particles

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10/23/2018 10:08 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Hunter
The World
The World avatar
Hey, nice pack, but when can we expect the next update? With the pack, fallen snow shows up as a solid, textureless cube.
09/23/2018 12:47 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
NowPresenting avatar
I'm going to give it a heart and a diamond. It is the BEST public anime pack EVER! I mean, Yandere was pretty good but it was never published or allowed. So this pack is not only better in kawaii textures, but is also better by being published. Thank you. Thank you SOOO much! I have a better anime pack than any of the others I have!!! THANK YOU! (Heh. I can't stop thanking you)
09/10/2018 7:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BlackMelon avatar
Its so good looking i love it, Thx Devgirl Neko
09/07/2018 11:18 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Geek
PusheenFluffyPuff avatar
09/02/2018 3:09 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
PainfulTrash avatar
Omg i love danganronpa
09/03/2018 8:49 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Artist
Devgirl Neko
Devgirl Neko avatar
ikr Danganronpa is the best
09/02/2018 1:40 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Farmer
Lel, I found the pic, what was created using Gachaverse
08/31/2017 12:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
lenovo14 avatar
Le texture pak ne fonctionne pas...

Le texture pak ne fonctionne pas !! Il n'apparait pas dans "choix des textures" comment faire ?

J'ai essayé avec la résolution 64 et 128 rien ne fonctionne...
06/18/2017 1:06 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Dragonborn
Vanima avatar
Yo grate job on this pack the style is nice the textures are well done
06/16/2017 11:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
griffin2064 avatar
love the halo art is that someway a nod to red vs blue
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