Astrum Lune

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                  avatar Astrune
                  Level 50 : Grandmaster Programmer
                  Astrum Lune Resource Pack

                  By Astrune

                    Astrum Lune is my signature minecraft project and is made up of a resource pack and data pack. Both packs attempt to merge the familiar and unfamiliar changes that players want to the game. The additions in the resource pack generally include additions that I would personally like to be added to the game, but in my own style. As time passes, I plan to add many more features that improve minecraft in general and add more aesthetics to the data pack of the same name.

                    "Astrum Lune" is the basis for what formed my online alias (Astrune). The word "Astrum" is a latin word meaning star, constellation, heavenly body, heaven, etc. The word "Lune" has a meaning in french and english and in this case, I use the english version meaning crescent shape. I have always been interested in the science and aesthetics regarding space and the symbolism of the moon, so I naturally formed an alias based on these interests. It was also unique, sounded cool, and was available on many platforms. Still gotta be realistic :)

                  • Dark Blue GUI
                  • New and varied ore and stone textures (Netherite coming soon)
                  • Brighter nether
                  • Rainbow experience bar
                  • New wood textures on items
                  • Changes to tool and weapon shading
                  • Transparent diamonds
                  • New lapis lazuli texture (changed enchantment table slot to fit)
                  • Better armor and offhand inventory slot outlines
                  • No leather helmet and leggings overlay
                  • New resistance status effect icon
                  • Better damage particleNo pumpkin overlay
                  • Better water visibility

                  Upcoming Features
                  • Transparent diamond armor
                  • More aesthetic sounds
                  • Better leaves
                  • Environmental blocks blend with one another
                  • Darker stone
                  • Varied netherrack and netherrite
                  Progress100% complete
                  Game VersionMinecraft 1.16
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